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We brought a list of the top scorers who were active at least for part of the 2022 season. Some Brazilians appear on the list, check it out:

25 – Jonathan Soriano

The Spanish player has 310 career goals as of July 2022.

24 – Defoe

The 39-year-old Englishman has 324 goals, and is the 32nd top scorer in activity.

23 – Falcon Garcia

The Colombian player has 335 career goals.

22 – Humberto Suazo

The 20th top scorer in activity, Suazo scored 350 goals throughout his career.

21 – Higuain

The Argentine has 352 goals scored in his career and is one of the top scorers in activity.

20 – Eran Zahavi

With 356 goals, player Eran Zahavi is the 18th top scorer in activity.

19 – Ricardo Oliveira

The striker, with stints at Atlético-MG and Santos, Ricardo Oliveira has scored 361 goals in his career.

18 – Oscar Cardozo

The player scored 365 goals and is the 16th top scorer in activity.

17 – Esteban Paredes

The player is the 15th top scorer in activity, with 367 goals.

16 – Vagner Love

The player who played for Corinthians, Palmeiras, Flamengo, has 358 goals scored so far in his career.

15 – Hulk

Hulk, one of the greats of Brazilian football since he returned to the country, scored 376 goals in his career and is the 13th top scorer in activity.

14 – Edin Dzeko

The player has 381 goals scored in his career, until July 2022.

13 – Dejan Damjanovic

The player has 386 goals scored and is the 11th leading scorer in activity.

12 – Dejandamjanovic

The player, who is the first in the top 10 in the artillery, has scored 386 goals so far.

11 – Fred

Fred, who retired in the first half of 2022, has scored 413 career goals, and is one of the top scorers.

10 – Neymar

The Brazilian is in the top 10 of the top scorers in activity, with 417 goals scored.

9 – Karim Benzema

One of the top scorers of the European season in 2021/22, and champion of the Champions League, Benzema has 426 balls in the net.

8 – Cavani

The Uruguayan, who is still without a club, but should stay in European football, has scored 430 goals in his career.

7 – Magno Alves

The Brazilian, who retired in 2022, has 468 career goals.

6 – Ali Ashfaq

The player scored 480 goals and is the 6th top scorer in activity.

5 – Luis Suarez

The new player for Nacional, from Uruguay, Luis Suárez has 521 goals so far.

4 – Ibrahimovic

The Swede scored 572 goals and is among the top scorers in activity.

3 – Lewandowski

The Pole scored 606 goals and is the third top scorer in activity.

2 – Messi

The Argentine is the second highest scorer in activity, with 770 balls in the net.

1 – Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese is the top scorer in activity, with 815 goals scored until August 2022.

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