Actor calls people who call games ‘woke’ ‘clowns’


Author: Samuel M. | 04-01-24

grand theft auto 6

Ned Luke He is best known for playing Michael de Santa, one of the protagonists in GTA V. Being so popular, the actor has even crossed over to streaming platforms to share moments with his fans.

Talk to IGN grand theft auto 6 and what its premiere will mean for fans, the actor criticized a department’s stance “woke up“Thank you to Rockstar Games for featuring a female character as a protagonist, with a special mention to Lucia, who we saw in the first trailer.

Luke said Lucia looked great and strong but unfortunately he saw a lot of ‘clowns’ saying that’Rockstar wakes up and surrenders to world progressivism‘. He explained that this isn’t the first time a female protagonist has appeared in Grand Theft Auto Legends. Her favorite scene in the trailer is when she enters the store and kicks the door open, with her partner Jason right behind her.

Michael’s translator knows this all too well, because in the original version of the series, we could choose women from the list of playable characters. However, aside from the male cast, no one stands out for their personality. In the interview, Luke also said that the bar for the delivery he is involved in is quite high, but he believes that Rockstar knows how to deliver a high-quality product.

GTA 6 is still coming 2025 For current generation consoles.

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