Actor Johnny He is back in London and remained isolated from the family


On the last day, 4 of His He had boarded for a period of three months in London, where he would study English and to watch a piece of theatre. He returned days later, instructed to do so by an employee of an airline, which has warned of the possibility of the airports are closed due to the coronavirus.

I had a fear of getting stuck out in my country. If it is to become isolated in your home, you will be on my to – reads. The Uk has mandated the closure of the school on the day you went away (March 19,). The official reason was to let the population to establish immunity from prosecution, but in talking to people, I realized that it was fear of the economy collapsing.

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Ever since he came to the River, he is isolated in his house in the Botanical Garden area, only in the company of get It, ” and the use of Jurema. Only saw the parents of the driver in Gilmar, the 64-year-olds, and the secretary, Ely, 59 — from a distance, when he went to get a mobile loan for the new apartment.

Johnny He's in quarantine at the side of the star Jurema, Jurema preta, and in It,
Johnny He’s in quarantine at the side of the star Jurema, Jurema preta, and in It, ” Photo: Israel Barna

The 28-year-old and 15-to-career, Johnny has eight films premiering, and it is expected to debut this year, and if the pandemic is to stop, of course: “Went to Paraguay” (directed by Daniel Lieff); “The shepherd and the bandit” and the “life of the Aryan” (amos, from the president José Eduardo Belmonte): “The first soldiers” (by Rodrigo de Oliveira); “Prisoner of freedom” (Jefferson); “Trance” (Carolina Jabor, Anne Pinheiro Guimarães-portugal; “Aumenta que é rock” (Tomas Portella); and the “short-Shot “mercy” (with Augusto de Barros).

In a conversation via e-mail, he reveals that he has already made a promise to a scene to get it right, and that is a few hours, her trademark, is the result of the treatment, in order to grow hair. Account that turned out to be a uncle in the upper, with Harrison, and his nephew, who had just been born.

– On arrival, it was magical. I am very impressed with the work that a child can give. And I can see how it’s obvious how much we need each other, from the very beginning.

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