actor reveals details of his motorcycle accident

This September 10, Mathieu Kassovitz published a video on Instagram in which he discusses the details of his motorcycle accident.

On September 3, Mathieu Kassovitz was the victim of a serious motorcycle accident while riding on the Linas racing circuit (Essonne). The actor was rushed to the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital and then placed in an artificial coma. Awake for a few days now, he gave his news on Instagram by posting a video this Sunday, September 10.

“I was asked to go motorcycling with my daughter”

In the published video, Mathieu Kassovitz reveals the circumstances of his accident and the involvement of his daughter. “I was asked to go motorcycling with my daughter, who is passionate about motorcycling, and my son. We had a great riding session and at the end of the day, my friend, who runs a motorcycle school, wanted to do a battle with my daughter. She was behind him and he asked me to go in front. (…) I wanted my daughter to think that her father is a superhero and so I wanted to get down on one knee. I took a turn too wide, I was afraid of falling and I hit the guardrail directly. I’m an asshole and a bad biker,” he explains.

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