Actor Yelled at by Netflix for Spoilering

Stranger Things 4: an Actor was Scolded by Netflix for making a Spoiler

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Warning: this article contains spoilers

Fans have long known that the iconic star of Nightmare – From the Deep of the Night Robert Englund would appear in the fourth season of Stranger Things, although his role was kept strictly under wraps. The actor recently recalled that when he confirmed a small detail about the character to the public, Netflix he was quick to contact him to let him know that he had shared some news that was absolutely not meant to be public.

In the fourth chapter of the show Englund plays Victor Creel, who we discover to be blind. The explanation of his blindness is clearly a spoiler, but according to Netflix even confirming his blindness was too much:
“I’m proud of myself, because they don’t give you the full script. And gee, you have to keep your mouth shut. I went to a convention a while ago, and I wasn’t allowed to talk about it, no spoilers, but some at the convention. they already knew! And I don’t know how! I think I answered a question about being blind or something. And I was then called by Netflix, I was reprimanded because I did a spoiler. I didn’t even want to! Fans in attendance knew even more than me on the plot! That’s how careful you have to be “.

The second volume of the fourth season of Stranger Things will be released on Netflix on July 1st.

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