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There is always something cool about the bad guys, says Emma Stone of the role of the extravagant Cruella de Mon. The latest Disney movie will be available in cinemas from May 28.

Every Disney fan knows a fashion designer with black and white hair. Not everyone knows how from a fashion enthusiast Estelli turned into the sinister Cruella de Mon. The film “Cruella” will bring the viewers closer to the story of the heroine’s transformation.

“Cruella” will take us on a fascinating journey to the past, namely the bustling London of the 1970s, where counter-cultures clashed. Between hundreds of costumes, shoes and wigs, she – the one and only Cruella de Mon – has become a cult anti-hero of Disney. He undergoes a metamorphosis, learns who he really is and begins to live in harmony with himself.

We made the decision to operate in London in the 1970s at the very beginning. It was exciting because this is the first animation character we set in the real world, not in a fairy-tale land. So there was an opportunity to start creativity. London was then the capital of fashion and anarchy. Just right for Cruella Says producer Kristin Burr.

Photo Disney press materials

The collision of two worlds became the background for her story. Privileged, which included fashion legends such as Dior, Balenciaga and Mary Quant (responsible for the style of the Baroness film), and punk, represented by Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, on whom Estella is modeled.

It was coolest to explore her creativity because she is a great fashion designer. After wearing a black and white wig, cool makeup and unique costumes, I felt like her. I like to play the villainy, says Emma Stone.

Photo Disney press materials

Costumes were the key to recreating the atmosphere and aesthetics of the contemporary world. The producers asked two-time Oscar winner Jenny Beavan to design them. – This is the biggest project I have ever participated in. Emma Stone changed costumes 47 times and Emma Thompson had 33 outfits in total. Even Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser had 30 costumes each. I immediately had a clear vision of what the Baroness should look like. It was also important for me to dress Cruella in black, white, gray and red – says the costume designer.

“Cruella” will hit theaters on May 28. Tomorrow on you will read the review of the film by Adriana Prodeus in the series “Disassembly of attractions”.

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