Actress reveals details about meeting Cristiano Ronaldo: “We went to my house…”

Gemma Atkinson dated Cristiano Ronaldo in 2007 and has now revealed some details of one of the encounters they had.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gemma Atkinson dated in 2007, when the player was playing for Manchester United for the first time. The English actress, currently 37 years old, made revelations in a podcast about one of the first encounters with CR7.

“We went to my house, had tea and saw ‘Only Fools and Horses’ [série britânica]. Genuinely! I don’t know if he still likes it, but at the time it seemed like he did.”said the actress. “When we broke up, I was offered so much money to talk about him… But I didn’t want any of that”he added.

At the time they split, Gemma Atkinson made some controversial statements about the Portuguese star. Asked by The Sun about the reasons that led to the breakup, the British actress spoke about the news at the time that the player had hired prostitutes for a crazy night at his home in Manchester. “I had a relationship with Cristiano, but it all ended when I heard about the orgy with prostitutes”shot.

“He didn’t break up with me and I didn’t break up with him either. Things ended by themselves,” she finished.

It should be noted that the actress is engaged to the dancer, Gorka Márquez, with whom she has a two-year-old daughter.

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