Adam Glapiński. NBP head on attacks on the central bank

“Attacks on the National Bank of Poland will continue until the law on defense of the homeland is signed by the president. There are many surprising events associated with the announcement that we can afford to modernize the Polish army. Also an unprecedented attack on the president of the NBP,” says Adam Glapiński, president of the National Bank of Poland. , in an interview for “Gazeta Bankowa”.

  • The latest interview of the head of the National Bank of Poland will be published on Friday, November 26
  • The central bank’s press office sent out excerpts to the media on Thursday evening
  • Adam Glapiński says in an interview, among others on inflation and the Armed Forces Support Fund
  • Speaking about raising interest rates twice, he announces that “if necessary, we will continue”
  • More such information can be found on the main page of

Let us recall: the draft law on the defense of the homeland was announced at the end of October by Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński and Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak. Politicians then presented plans to expand the army to 300,000. soldiers and the creation of the Armed Forces Support Fund, which is to be funded from many sources, including the profit of the National Bank of Poland.

Adam Glapiński: NBP will not allow heightened inflation to persist

Fragments of the latest interview of the head of the NBP were sent to the media by the bank’s press office on Thursday evening. Some of the quotes were also published on Twitter.

Adam Glapiński has recently given more than one interview in which he emphasized the role of the government and the central bank in protecting the Polish economy from the serious effects of the pandemic. And this time he took up this thread. “It was possible to protect the income of Poles and Polish companies, which provides the basis for the continuation of the economic development of our country in the coming years,” he said “Gazeta Bankowa”. He also assured once again that the NBP would not allow heightened inflation to persist.

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