Adam Małysz about Kamil Stoch. “There must be something to do”

The fatal start of Polish jumpers in Niżny Tagil surprised even Adam Małysz. However, it forecasts a definite amendment. And it’s already in Kuusamo. – There is no nervousness, this is only the first competition – the director of PZN admits in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

Dawid Góra

Dawid Góra

Adam Malysz

WP SportoweFakty / In the photo: Adam Małysz

Fifth place by Kamil Stoch and thirteenth place by Dawid Kubacki on Saturday and sixteenth place by Piotr Żyła and thirtieth by Andrzej Stękała on Sunday – no one expected such a poor start of the winter season by Polish jumpers. According to Adam Małysz, the reasons are mainly in the minds of the players. He describes the preparations for the season as very successful.

Dawid Góra, WP SportoweFakty: You were surprised by the poor start of Poles in Nizhny Tagil?

Adam Małysz: Everyone is a bit surprised. Nobody expected it to be so bad. But we all also knew that on this hill the wind distorts the results very much.

The competitors themselves even emphasized that it was not the wind that was the reason for their bad starts.

Some of our jumpers had their legs still blocked. There is no pushing as it should be. And it is too late for corrections during the flight. In addition, there are problems with the access positions. Everything influences the results. But the head is the biggest. One jump, the second one, will not come out and you start to get confused.

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Is it a problem with preparation for the season?

Absolutely not. The preparation was very good, which was confirmed by tests and training results. In contrast, the head accounts for 80 percent of the success. When you get in shape and start winning, all the stress, anxiety – let go. However, if you miss with just a few jumps, your psyche plays a powerful role. Only the strongest are able to survive a difficult period. Others begin to figure out what to do and force them to look for the reasons, which does not end well.

The problem is that everyone jumped poorly in Nizhny Tagil. This is not a problem for individual players.

I spoke with Michał Doleżal. Kamil and Dawid, in the series in which they dropped out, unfortunately hit the wind, which had a huge impact on their results. In Nizhny Tagil it is so, that when there is a relatively strong wind over the bulla, the competitor has no chance to fly away hard. In addition, such a slowed down player gets negative points.

What’s the atmosphere in the frame right now?

Normal. There is no nervousness, because this is only the first competition. Of course, the jumpers definitely care about how they started, because neither of them wants to jump badly. But the nerves only aggravate this unnecessary thinking about your form. The most important thing is that they should arrange everything properly now.

It is a pity that the next competition is in Kuusamo. The conditions there are somewhat similar to those in Nizhny Tagil. A miracle would have to happen to hit silence and equal conditions for all. But I am convinced that ours will do much better than in Russia.

Kamil Stoch said after the competition that the reasons for the weak jumps may have to be found outside the hill.

I have not heard this statement so I find it difficult to comment on it. If Kamil says so, there must be something to it. But it will surely come to a solution by itself. The more that Kamil did not jump badly, he won the qualification, and earlier his jumps were the best among all our competitors.

I would not be afraid for Kamil. It is very well prepared for the season. His “cut”. If something is wrong, you want to improve your disposition even more. Each player has a different approach to such situations. But Kamil is experienced enough to find his way out of the problem.

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