Adam Małysz about TVN. “Some Things Must Learn”

Adam Małysz watched the inauguration of the World Cup on TVN. – Much has not changed – summarizes the director of the Polish Ski Association and speaks about the biggest reservations that the viewers had.

Dawid Góra

Dawid Góra

Adam Malysz

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The first is an advertisement broadcast in the middle of the inaugural series. Instead of the competition classification, viewers watch the spot.

– RTL ran commercials too. Sometimes the jumps went to half the screen and the ads to the other half. Commercial TV stations earn this way. Many people may be surprised, but you have to get used to it – admits Małysz in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

During the break between the series, we do not see President Apoloniusz Tajner or Adam Małysz on the screen, but a journalist summing up the competition. Fans, who are used to quick expert comments on Telewizja Polska, also noticed the difference in this aspect.

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– TVN still has to learn some things, because TVP once had to clarify certain elements. They definitely need some time. The broadcast itself, however, is mostly done by Eurosport, which is television, which is very experienced in jumping, recalls Małysz. – To sum up, I did not feel a great change. However, I’m not the best person to comment on the broadcast itself, because I watch jumps on TV relatively rarely.

Both Małysz and Tajner will not cooperate with TVN as closely as with TVP. At least for now.

– As for the competitions broadcast by TVP, I will probably be in the studio, and when it comes to TVN, I will not participate in the studio. But I am available when it comes to interviews or meetings of a different nature – noted the president of PZN.

Małysz has the same opinion: – To some extent, I work with TVP. So for me it will look similar to President Tajner. However, we cannot limit ourselves to one television, especially since we represent PZN. I am still an expert on TVP, but I am not forbidden from giving interviews to other television stations.

The next World Cup competitions will be held on November 27-28. The competition arena will be Rukatunturi in Ruce.

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