Adapting to life is the only way to stay like this

It is often confused with the swallow but it is much larger. The one that likes to rest on the stars has a wingspan of 40 centimeters compared to 30 centimeters. A racing car among racing cars, with its wings as sharp as a sickle, the swift is one of the fastest birds in the world. A kind of winged Usain Bolt that can reach a speed of 200 km/h over short distances, is able to fly for 10 months without touching the ground to reach his winter resort and is able to fly at an altitude of 3000 meters without losing his breath. Capable of flapping its wings. , A true efficiency engineer, it forages in the air, taking advantage of rising currents to sleep, and capturing in flight whatever it needs to build its nest. He is also a sweet romantic. Faithful to his companion, he finds him in the same place, year after year. They said they would meet in a year…

The swift is one of the living creatures, it is one of the species from 8 to 20 million existing on Earth, of which, to date, “only” 2 million have been discovered. A feather in the ocean of biodiversity? A delicate link in our planetary balance? Today it is threatened by habitat degradation and the use of agricultural pesticides, depriving it of food. Its population has declined by 40% in the last ten years And he is not alone in facing the storm. For forty years, bird populations have declined in France. Europe is losing an average of 20 million birds per year, or 800 million birds since 1980…

Will we be able to live in a world without Swift even for a day? On a planet where there are no birds, but also flowers, no bees, no insects, no forests? impossible ! “70% of our crops depend on animal pollination, explains it ministry in charge of ecology, Biodiversity provides twice the value of goods and services each year than are produced by humans, our medicines mostly come from plant or animal molecules. ,

So our existence depends not only on the animal and plant world, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the fossil rocks, the sun’s rays, but also on everything that makes up this little miracle of life. Makes it possible. Without all these non-human beings, we would not be here, our existence depends on them. To understand this is to repeat Descartes and his thinking according to which man is superior and separate from nature.

“When will we stop believing in the idea that we are going to do better than others? Remember the committed director Floor Wasseypur, This is obviously impossible because we are all connected: if nature degrades, we degrade too. We can protect ourselves from various illusions, including consumption and social status, but these are merely intellectual constructs. Not reality. ,

Today, it is as important as it is beneficial to review our relationship with living things in a world flirting dangerously with +1.5°C warming. In all areas, in all situations, it is about considering that we are part of a greater whole, that we are not above the fray but at the center of the reactor. Stop considering yourself a superior species. Forget any patterns of dominance and adopt a healthy posture of submissiveness.

“It is about developing a new relationship with living people, who should no longer be seen as a resource external to us, accurate small pox Expert in biomimicry. It is a ally with whom we are interdependent. We can no longer continue to believe that “nature” is composed of a collection of mechanically isolated elements that we humans simply ignore. On the contrary, it is a system that constantly interacts, and of which we are an integral part. ,

Being in harmony with the living means coming down from our level, preserving everything that surrounds us, embracing the planetary boundaries rather than pushing them, but also observing it to better draw inspiration from its skills. Is. “Martinate is a hybrid engine of sugars and fats, explain Kalina RaskinDirector of Sibios in front of an audience of leaders. It is interesting to researchers because it can take turns at very high speed, catching midges at speeds of up to 200 km/h, making it a model of adaptability. ,

In the world of biomimicry, after 4 billion years of research and development in nature, there are plenty of examples like the Black Swift. We know the history of burdock at the origin of Velcro, of shark skin which led to many applications in aeronautics or even of the imitation of gecko legs for their reversible grip.

But in life, there is something even more inspiring than all these technological solutions, there are golden rules, specific specifications that we can apply in all our organizations: being energy efficient (renewable and abundant) and resources, being organized in a decentralized manner, being governed Be in short circuit, do not generate waste, encourage cooperation instead of competition. And then, individuals also have an incredible ability to connect, to form relationships, to help each other, to create a system, especially in situations of stress or intense crisis. Just listen to the biologist’s stories Gilles Boeuf To convince myself of this.

“Collaboration creates competition.”

Jean-Marie Pelt

In the African jungle, chimpanzees provide privileged access to injured or mutilated animals; In the mountains, marmots whistle to warn their cousins ​​about danger; Elsewhere, trees tolerate a certain amount of browsing before becoming inedible for a few hours and warning their fellow trees more than 2 km away so that they too follow the same behaviour. In the wild, birds spread out their singing positions throughout the day so as not to coo at the same time. “In the living world, mutual aid is infinitely more valuable than permanent aggression; we must be inspired by the harmony of systems,” advises Gilles Boeuf.

Life teaches us lessons of humility, simplicity, togetherness, it also gives us all the poetry and magic we need to recharge our batteries. Life is A combination of incredible circumstances, We often forget this. Taking time to marvel at a piece of nature, contemplate a blade of grass, listen to the wind… all of this brings peace, joy and, in times of bad news that heighten eco-anxiety, one The activity becomes a ‘public utility.’

“We have not learned how to experience the wonder of being a living person, how to be part of this extraordinary adventure of being alive, The naturalist writer concludes Baptiste Morizot, We have belittled, humiliated and devalued him. As a result, we have to reconstitute this affiliation almost ex nihilo. (…) Acting on this idea is like waging a cultural war. (…) The challenge is to restore their genius in other forms of life, but then to politicize wonder: to make it the bearer of concrete struggles to defend the fabric of life, against everything that Which weakens it. (…) To join, we need love with anger, but we also need love to survive, to conserve energy, and to know what world to protect.


Coming to terms with life, expressed in the stroke of a swift wing

  1. Realize that we are alive, on one side there is nature and on the other side we are not. We belong to the same state, we are in the same boat.
  2. Since we are alive, let us integrate its rules and principles: moderation, circular approach, cooperation…
  3. Let’s take advantage of this to be inspired by their discoveries and apply them in our innovations. Long live biomimicry!
  4. Finally, let’s take time to reflect on life, finding the grace, beauty and magic that recharges our batteries and gives us an indomitable will to fight to preserve it.

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