ADDITIV Medical 2024, 3D event in the medical and dental sector

The use of additive manufacturing in medicine continues to grow. According to a study published by Meticulous Research, the medical 3D printing market is expected to be worth $9.6 billion by 2030. To see for yourself the importance of this manufacturing method, especially in Spanish hospitals, don’t worry. Miss this year’s event.he April 25, 2024 A new edition of ADDITIV Medical is launching soon, a hybrid conference for the 3D industry and the medical and dental industry. This unique opportunity will become a meeting point between different companies using 3D printing in the health field and hospitals and health centers in the same field. Now you can join for free too! What else do we have to wait to discover the role of new technologies in medicine?

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Following the success of the previous two conferences, this new conference aims to continue exploring the benefits of additive manufacturing in health and dentistry. Next year on April 25, 2024 we will be waiting for you in a hybrid format at ADDITIV Medical, a day where professional speakers from different medical fields and professionals in the field will tell us their views on the current state of medical 3D printing.

This hybrid event will discuss the main application areas of medical 3D printing.

Get closer to 3D technology virtually

Like last year, the hybrid event will consist of major components being held virtually. Through the Exchange Cards online platform we will be able to dynamically exchange experiences with other attendees and professionals. During the 4-hour course we will absorb knowledge about the use of 3D technology in the medical and dental fields. The day will be dedicated to meetings and workshops led by health experts.

The virtual event will begin with a keynote speech, before moving into the first panel discussion of the day at 09:20, titled “How is additive manufacturing progressing in the development of orthotics and prosthetics?«. These sessions will last 40 minutes and will discuss topics from the different health sectors in Spain. Each group will be followed by a 20-minute workshop where one of the companies will present an interesting topic or application of 3D technology. Whether in a panel discussion or seminar, attendees can pose concerns and questions to the experts, who will answer them live.

The second meeting will start at 10:40 and discuss the topic «Hospital 3D printing regulations: prospects and challenges«. Finally, the third and final panel will start at 12:00 and discuss «Dental 3D printing: industry applications, progress and future«. While the topics for the 3 workshops that will follow each presentation have yet to be determined, you can access the full agenda for the virtual event as they will be announced in the coming weeks!

Meet face-to-face with industry professionals

In addition to the virtual component, ADDITIV Medical will once again bring the 3D industry together in the city of Barcelona. Like last year, this conference will be held at the DFactory in Barcelona, ​​where we will be able to learn about the possibilities of 3D technology in different fields of medicine. We have confirmed that excellent professionals, hospital centers and 3D printing companies will be participating in this live event. Although we’ll have to wait a while to get a closer look at all the details!

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