Adele does a gender reveal for a couple in Las Vegas (VIDEO)

Posted on August 16, 2023

Update on August 16, 2023

Still in residence in Las Vegas, Adele took part in the Gender Reveal of a couple of future parents. As more and more couples choose to throw big parties to better reveal the gender of their unborn child, some are getting even more imaginative. Like this couple who recently allowed Ed Sheeran to make his first Gender Reveal, young parents took advantage of Adele’s concert to find out the sex of their future child.

Thanks to a sign, the couple managed to capture the singer’s attention: “Nobody really has the right to bring signs here, I’m just obsessed that you could do it”she says to the couple – after having spotted it. ” I have never done that “, she adds, taking the paper given by the couple – while ensuring that the scene is filmed. The young mother (Shantelle, who is 18 weeks pregnant), then addressed the artist: ” I’m honored that you’re doing this for us. We have known this for 12 weeks and we have been waiting for this moment”. In front of the public, Adele thus breaks the suspense: “Shantelle and Chris are going to have a baby… a boy! »

It was amazing! I’m so happy for you”then continues the artist. “It’s so moving. Oh my God ! If I get pregnant and when I get pregnant, will you do my Gender Reveal? »

One thing is certain, no one will forget this concert!

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