Adèle Milloz, ski mountaineering champion, dies. She was 26 years old

The 26-year-old French mountaineering ski champion Adèle Milloz died with a 30-year-old girl on Mont Blanc. The causes of the accident to be clarified

The 26-year-old French champion Adèle Milloz, ski mountaineering champion, died in an accident on Friday 12 August in Mont Blanc. The alarm was raised by other climbers who saw two bodies. The other victim is a 30-year-old French woman who Adèle Milloz, as an aspiring guide, had accompanied along the slope of the Aiguille du Peigne. The bodies of the two women were found at a height of 3,192 meters.

Adèle Milloz, to clarify the dynamics of the accident on Mont Blanc

Investigations by the French gendarmerie are underway on the accident in which Adèle Milloz and another mountaineer lost their lives. The episode, in fact, took place on the French side of Mont Blanc, a Chamonix.

For the moment, the gendarmerie, who intervened on the spot with a helicopter, has ruled out that the cause of death is due to the detachment of a landslide. Furthermore, the authorities specified that the ascent was not prohibited, so there would be no violation of the safety limits.

Who were Adèle Milloz, ski mountaineering champion, and mountain enthusiast

Twenty-six years old, originally from Tignes, in the Savoie department, Adèle Milloz is the daughter of a high mountain guide and a ski instructor.

The young woman was one of the most successful French athletes in ski mountaineering and in 2017 she won gold at the world championships in sprint and individual disciplines.

In 2018 she was the European champion and in the same year, she won fifth place in the Pierra Menta, one of the most important ski mountaineering competitions.

Adèle Milloz wanted to become a high mountain guide

Adèle Milloz’s dream was to become one high mountain guide a way to follow in the footsteps of the father.

Adèle Milloz was attending the national ski and mountaineering school in Chamonix and on August 15th she was supposed to start her final stage to graduate. A dream that was broken by an accident that took place right in the high mountains, with a dynamic still to be clarified.

The investigations of the gendarmerie are aimed precisely at shedding light on what happened on Friday afternoon on the French side of Mont Blanc.

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