Adele on Vegas residency: ‘I really love chatting with you, but I don’t want to be sick’

As Covid returns at the end of summer, Adele panics. Members of his team are “dropping like flies,” reports THE Mirror. The singer, already terrified of catching the virus last year, announced to the public that she would now keep her distance from them during shows in Las Vegas.

At the end of 2021, Adele had already demanded that the public come to her concerts while being vaccinated. And finally, his tour planned for January 2022 was postponed until November. Given the success of these concerts at Caesars Palace each weekend, new dates have been added and the last show will take place on November 4.

And what particularly freaks Adele out is when she sings When We Were Young because it is with this title that she gets off stage to meet the public, and, as nice as Lana Del Rey, the 35-year-old singer discusses the matter with a few people, lends herself to the game of selfies and this good old American tradition that is the hug.

But, last month, it was during a concert that the star declared to the audience present that she would like to have a second child with her darling Rich Paul. So, the hugs and photos are over!

Adele said: “It’s a miracle I haven’t gotten Covid yet. I really love talking with you, but I don’t want to get sick. Honestly, my immune system is on the fritz and I want to be close to you, But I can’t take any risks.”

The singer explained that she didn’t have a problem with getting sick while she was on leave, but that she wanted to secure the concerts she had left until November: “You need to know that I’m hanging on for dear life so I can get on stage for you.”

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