adidas Originals emphasizes its brand identity

Some brands are hitting the ground running for the 2023 school year, like adidas! The German giant is indeed offering itself a brand new brand platform. An opportunity for the equipment manufacturer to start on new bases after several difficult months.

A new beginning for adidas Originals

For so long the adidas brand was perceived as a streetwear and popular brand, it seems to have taken a new turn. At the end of the summer, the brand started again on a new basis by completely deleting the publication history of its social networks. But also, by publishing a first post that hit the mark: “Since 1972, the Trefoil logo has lived a thousand lives. »

The release of Adidas’ three iconic models followed: the Gazelle, the Samba and the Superstar. Then, his Instagram biography did not escape this makeover: “We gave the world an original. You gave us back a thousand. » An additional way to mark the occasion in this new brand identity and to strengthen the bond that Adidas has maintained with its aficionados for more than 50 years.

Photo Credit: adidas @adidasoriginals

In short, the German giant takes up the foundations of its creation and the pillars that have made it a true leader in the sneaker market. A rather premium communication strategy, often used by luxury brands, whose objective is to create storytelling and maintain a link with its customers.

The clover is in the spotlight!

The brand recently posted a triptych of videos on its YouTube channel. “The history of the clover is illustrated in three films – directed by three creative pioneers – which highlight three iconic models. The anecdotes from the history of the clover interweave and illustrate how these different franchises, born for the sport, have been adopted and reinterpreted over the last five decades.she explains.

Photo Credit: Adidas @adidasoriginals

In each video, many personalities appear. These include David Beckham, Jenna Ortega, Zinedine Zidane and Mike Arnold. We dive straight into the history of adidas and the various successful references that have made it an essential brand. It is also a way for it to restore its image and assert its legitimacy on the market.

This strategy comes at the right time! adidas has been experiencing difficulties in terms of commercial performance for several months. The comeback of the clover could appeal to fans of the Originals, but is it enough?

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