Adventure Island gives fans chance to choose the name of huge new Drop Tower ride

Adventure Island has announced fans will be given the chance to choose the name for the upcoming addition to the amusement park. The Southend-based park shared the exciting news about the name selection for the drop tower ride on social media yesterday (November 10).

Plans for the vertical attraction were submitted to Southend Council last year but the plans were progressing when Adventure Island confirmed rides were being relocated to make way for the 38 meter tall ride. The new ride is expected to launch next year. But an official date has not been released.

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At 38 meters, the drop tower will become one of the tallest rides in the park. Fans have been given four choices to choose from. The options are The Tower, The Needle, Up 360, or Vertigo the ride. On the post on X, formerly known as Twitter, it says: “Brand new for 2024!

“We are welcoming a brand new attraction next year for all our thrill-seeking guests… a HUGE DROP TOWER. The tower will be 38 meters, even taller than the City Wheel! Of course it needs an exciting name… let us know which number you prefer.”

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