Adventure the Voice Kids Over, Tarnais Mae Trouan is Confident for the Future

Tuesday evening, I went to Trouan the voice kids, If the young tarn doesn’t continue on to the semifinals, she has nothing to be ashamed of for her performance, and evaluates the experience very positively.

There was something to impress in the performance. Serene, Mae Trouan advanced to the stage soundAnd her voice, clear and solemn in the verses, powerful in the refrains, emerged wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus.

In their seats, from behind, we watch Slimane swaying to the rhythm, Nolvain Le Roy mouthing the words in silence. “Well what, they won’t turn back?” Mae’s mother says backstage as the final note sounds.

In Patrick Fiori’s opinion, Mae’s tension was very evident: “I felt your heart beating at two hundred miles an hour”. For Slimane, it was the choice of interpretation that was wrong: “Miley Cyrus, she has a lot of cracks in her voice. This song is made for that”.

a successful experience

It must be said that Mae was a little out of her comfort zone. While she preferred to perform French songs, wrecking ball The casting director advised. “I don’t regret it, but it’s true that it was a change from normal,” he said.

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Brave act sound So it stops there for Mai, who calmly welcomes the jury’s criticisms and praises. “I was happy with my performance, what I did,” she said. “And it’s still a great experience.”

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