Advise on the type of frames for each face and bring innovations from the optical world closer

Every face is different, it has it’s own diameter and shape which is closely related to what type of lens frame you have and will favor To take care of that visual beauty of the person, and the optometrist, Sabrina Romero Spinelli participates in En Positivo (+) and comments on new innovations related to vision and recommendations for choosing frames according to facial features.

In 20 years, the world of optics has undergone a tremendous change, glasses have become a visual aid and even an accessory on the face, “With all the new materials, shapes and trends out there today, lenses have become an accessory” Spinelli said and added that there are currently alternatives such as contact lenses for people who don’t like to wear glasses.

Romero Spinelli, specialist in ophthalmic prostheses within the field of optics and noted that in the case of ophthalmic prostheses they are used when there is a deformity, tumor or after an accident, Where the eyeball or a part could have been lost, resulting in a reduction or loss of vision, that is the moment where an ocular prosthesis is used.

In the positive: they give advice on the type of frame for each face and bring innovations from the optical world closer - Imagen-2

These prostheses, he noted that they are of two types, those that completely cover the cavity that was left without the eyeball or the spheres where there is no vision, the specialist clarified that the work allows the patient to Aesthetics to help rebuild self-esteem. Feel more confident.

“We try to create a faithful copy of the healthy eye with the prosthesis fitted”

He explained that the placement of this prosthesis corresponds to that of the optometrist, as the ophthalmologist refers the patient to the optician and these professionals adapt the prosthesis in this case. In adults it can last up to five years and in children it must be renewed every year due to increased cavity formation.

Thus, he added that the prosthesis would be removable on a case by case basis to clean this element. “Usually you always have to have the prosthesis, there are some people who take it out to sleep and others not, if it is removed too many times the cavity can become distortedIdeally, not to remove it, but we teach the patient how to manipulate it.”

He stresses that there is a high quality of life, as many people in these situations work with sunglasses or in the case of children who bully them.
In the positive: they give advice on the type of frame for each face and bring innovations from the optical world closer - Imagen-4
new look. Doctor giving new glasses for the eyesight of the girl child.

Besides, He talked about how the use of glasses is becoming more common among young children due to the excessive use of screens children are exposed to, As a result, little ones have a variety of frames to show them off, ideal for young child ages, with lightweight, flexible plastics, colorful materials, and even interchangeable temples.

The optometrist said, “The world of manufacturing ophthalmic frames adapts to everything that is growing and all that is happening is that the constant use of screens leads to this visual defect.”

Finally, Spinelli begins with recommendations for different types of faces, “We talk to the client about what he wants and we recommend him with lenses to get a good representation.”

On the basis of profession also he said that Neutral color types such as black, white, beige and clear are a good choice or wild card.,

In the positive: they give advice on the type of frames for each face and bring innovations from the optical world closer Imagen-6

For oval faceProfessional advised cat eye frames, or even an oval design

while for him round typeMentioned that glasses with wide and high proportions should be avoided, round frames should be discarded as this will give the impression of an equally round face.

Peoplewith heart face They can wear glasses of medium size, not up to the cheeks. This will create balance in the groups.

for those who have a square face Oval or round shaped glasses are flattering to soften the lines of the face.

patients of rectangular face They favor glasses that manage to reduce the length provided by this face shape. Avoiding horizontally elongated glasses is essential.

while person cwith faces in the shape of a trapezium or triangle They should wear oval or butterfly framed glasses to highlight the cheekbones and balance the face. These types of glasses are also recommended for diamond faces.

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