After 20 years, Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington together in The Equalizer 3

Dakota Fanning is an actress born in Conyers in 1994. In this last period she has grown a lot and has come a long way. She became a familiar face from an early age by taking part in the film My name is Sam in 2001 at just 8 years old, a role that earned her a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actress, making her the youngest nominee in history.

Despite this, however, the film for which everyone remembers her is undoubtedly Man On Fire – The fire of revengean action thriller staged in 2004 where he took on the role of Lupita “Pita” Martin Ramos alongside one of the greatest actors in the world of international acting, ie Denzel Washington. And now, almost 20 years later, the two are ready to work together again and will do so in The Equalizer 3film to be directed by Antoine Fuqua for Sony Pictures. For the uninitiated, the first film by The Equalizer came out in 2014 and saw Denzel Washington in the role of Robert McCall, a former marine, who finds himself battling the Russian mob to protect Teri. In the sequel we always find Robert McCall seeking revenge after the murder of her friend Susan Plummer.

dakota fanning denzel washington
Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning in 2004

Both films were very successful: the first grossing 194 million dollars globally and the second 190. For this reason, Antoine Fuqua decided to go ahead with a third chapter to shoot in Europe. A project that was born in 2018, but which then saw no confirmation for years, also following the global pandemic. He confirms that, however, it has now come years later. Furthermore, Deadlines makes it known that there will be a new entry in the cast and that will be right Dakota Fanningactress fresh from the success of the series The First Lady. And just based on Man on Fire, there are high hopes for the two protagonists. The plot, at the moment, is being kept under wraps, but the public is hoping that Fanning can play a tough character and there are even those who dream of a relationship between their two characters, which however seems like a utopia. Meanwhile, filming will begin shortly with the release date of the film The Equalizer 3 set for 1 September 2023.

And have you already seen the first two films of The Equalizer? And have you ever seen Man on Fire with Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning? We are waiting for you in the comments!

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