after Agent Stone, this action series is a hit on the platform

A little earlier in the month, we introduced you to the series mask girlthe new k-drama that has been a hit since its release on netflix. And even more recently, the thriller from South Korea was overtaken by another series, this time from Great Britain. A whole new Serie mixing thriller and action and which, just a few days after its arrival in the catalog of the streaming giant, managed to carve out a place at the top of the ranking of the most popular titles of the moment on the platform.

netflix’s latest nugget?

Among the genres that are regularly popular with Netflix subscribers, we note that action films and series are often very popular on the streaming platform. Recently, the spectators were able to discover the film Agent Stone with Hollywood star Gal Gadot for example. But there is also another genre that seems to appeal to subscribers, namely thrillers..

And precisely, one of the latest popular series on Netflix is ​​halfway between the thriller and the action series. Title Who is Erin Carter?, this new British series has been available on Netflix since August 24and is already in first place in the top of the most watched series at the moment with us.

In original version:

In French:

We discover the story of Erin Carter (Evin Ahmad), a British teacher who lives in Spain with her daughter Harper (Indica Watson) and her husband Jordi (Sean Teale). But the young woman’s daily life will change after being involved in the robbery of a supermarket. While there with her daughter, Erin accidentally killed one of the thieves while she was trying to protect her child. This event will then shed light on the young woman, thus revealing her past as mysterious as it is violent.

And if the series Who is Erin Carter? is one of the most popular titles of the moment, it seems that it has attracted many subscribers, as evidenced by the multitude of generally positive comments that can be found about him on social networks.

\ud83d\udcf8\u2764\ufe0fPictures from new Netflix thriller series “Who Is Erin Carter?”

Highly recommended!\u2764\ufe0f

August 26, 2023

Footage from Netflix’s new thriller series “Who is Erin Carter?”

I highly recommend it!

The new Who is Erin Carter series on netflix is ​​a banger!

August 27, 2023

The series “Who is Erin Carter?” on Netflix is ​​a 10/10 \u2728\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f

August 26, 2023


August 27, 2023

“who is erin carter?” is too freakn good I’m cryinggggg. \ud83d\ude29\ud83e\udd79

August 25, 2023

“Who is Erin Carter?” is so good i’m crying

I watched a series on Netlix there
“Who Is Erin Carter” and I liked it.
The Spaniards are hot, they come out of serious bays.

August 27, 2023

Really not bad the series “Who is Erin Carter” on Netflix

August 26, 2023

Who is Erin Carter? Masterpiece \u2728

August 26, 2023

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