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After Ferragosto, between African heat and strong thunderstorms

TUESDAY 16 RESIDUAL VARIABILITY IN THE CENTER-NORTH. A first storm surge will pass on the day of Mid-August in the North and on part of Central Italy, piloted by an Atlantic sack in deepening on the Iberian Peninsula. He will leave some aftermath on Tuesday 16 with some variability in the Center-North, where it will still be possible some rain but in a more sunny context. Conditions in the South will remain more stable, due to the presence of the anticyclone on the Mediterranean. The same sack in depth on the Iberian sector will trigger a call of hot North African currents that will begin to rise up the boot, causing an increase in temperatures starting from the South, with first peaks of 38/40 ° C possible on stretches of Sicily and Calabria.

Trend 16-18 August
Trend 16-18 August

THEN STRONG TEMPORALS IN THE NORTH AND VERY HOT IN THE CENTRAL-SOUTH. On Wednesday 17 and even more on Thursday 18 August a new heat wave could arise from North Africa that will redden the climate especially in the Center-South, with temperatures that could approach the 40 ° C threshold in different regions. In the meantime, however, the North would seem willing to intensify the passage of storm fronts that could give way to a very unstable phase characterized by intense and widespread phenomena extending from west to east and a drop in temperatures.

NEXT TREND. Subsequently, the unstable phase could move towards the Center-South, albeit to a more attenuated extent, with the passage of some storms that would reduce the African blaze after August 15th. However, this is a trend that is subject to substantial changes in the coming days, given the time lag, which has yet to be confirmed. We will do that in the next updates. Keep following us!

To know the expected thermal trend in the coming days, consult our thermal maps up to 10 days >> Here.

In case of severe bad weather, storms with risk of flooding / lightning floods, there are behaviors to follow to avoid serious dangers, among which do not underestimate the strength of the water on the road during a flood. To know more. >> Here.

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