After beating the cancer, and the case against Kylie Jenner, Kylie Minogue is back in the SP – 04/03/2020


Kylie Minogue, 51 years of age, and 40 out of show business, is going very well, thank you. The singer, best known for his hit track, such as “Can’t Get You Out of My Head, ever-present at the beginning of the year 2000, a return to Brazil this Saturday (7th). No, if you present to the public at large in the country since the end of 2008 (in the year 2015, she has done a show here, but in the event of closure), the australian singer will be the headliner of the festival and GRLS!, in São Paulo, and arrive at the big stage. In the last year, it was the attraction of the Idea of the Game, that is dedicated to the great names of the music on the Other. It was the first time she has performed at the festival, one of the largest in the world, and then to terminate his / her participation in the 2005, because of breast cancer. Set a new record for most-watched show in the history of the event, -3,2 million, beating Ed Sheeran and Adele.

Since he has recovered from a serious illness, Kylie, muse, of the public LGBTQ+, still packing audiences in concerts around the world. Also, in the past year and will celebrate three decades in music with a compilation album (“Step-Back-In-Time – The Definite Collection’) has 42 hits (which it isn’t for everyone, admittedly). She also said, recently, for the first time, having won a court case against Kylie Jenner, on the registration of the trademark “Case”. For their first show of the year, and it will bring up the same structure as the stage and the dancers, as you did in the Other (as in the photo above). In an interview with the YOUTUBEby e-mail, the singer talked about the success of the older women in pop music, he shared the experience of the “Glasto” and he told me that, as well as its audience, it still enjoys a good party.

YOUTUBE – most Recently, She wolf (43) and Jennifer Lopez (50), made for a praise concert in the interval of the Super Bowl. As a woman of 51-year-old in pop music, how do you feel when you see other women of a certain age, having a space in show business?

Of course, I think it’s wonderful! The power of the performance, which she did, is due, in part, to the expertise that they have. If they were to have performed at the Super Bowl 20 years ago, it would have been a show with a lot of different.

Personally, I think that we need to celebrate all of the ages in music. It would be quite wrong for feeling what you do not you can explore, create and share any kind of music after a certain age.

How did it feel to revisit your career to assemble such a collection? How do you feel when you look back on your musical background?

Where do I start? It’s been more than 30 years ago, so I have lived through so much of it! The uncertainty and the excitement of a little girl writing her very first demo, and without a contract with a record company, I had my very first live performance, to reach novel “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, there are many hours in the studio, on the road to the international, on the Other? I could go on and on.

I suppose the biggest difference for me is that I know all the parts in between those moments in public. There was a loud and amazing, and of course, the netherlands. In general, I like to look back at my career at the time of the assembling of the collection, and it just made me even more excited to make new music and have new experiences.

Their last full-length album was mixed numerous musical styles: country, new wave, disco, electro, ballad. As a summary of all that you have done. And what’s next? What are your plans?

I’m going to go back to the dance floor! I am writing this since last year. The search for sound and music, it is always a challenge, but it’s also a lot of fun.

You’re most known for its music festival, are you partying?

My time to party now-they tend to happen in unexpected ways. In the past I just went, went, went! However, the music still manages to get me out of the house and to keep me out of it for a long time after that, I was supposed to be here.

You’ve got a 2019 amazing: he made a world tour to succeed, it was the attraction of the Other, and hit record. How would you evaluate all that has happened to you in the past?

Let’s say that I am very grateful to be able to get some rest after all that. For the years 2018 and 2019 were to be a success.

In a recent interview, you said that his memories of the Other were blurry, and did you think that his performance was not good enough (even though it was a performance, a cd of the history of the festival). Why is this so?

We have had a few glitches in the sound, which is quite normal when you sit down and play (with no sound) and I was obsessed with them for a long time. So I was on the look out for the show, for the full experience, and desapeguei of the minor issues that no-one apart from me and my team, and I would know what happened.

After every show. And I say to you, every show is the same, I will take a look at what worked, what didn’t work, which happened to be an unexpected and awesome. “The new part is that the test you added, or was it a bad thing?”. It’s always a work-in-progress.

What memories do you keep from that day?

It was considerably crowded. It was a very emotional, even more so after you have cancelled it in 2005. I’ve never seen so many people, I’ve never felt a wave of love and euphoria, like those. This show really marked, and it was one of the most wonderful moments of my life. You have a track record of over 30 years, with so many people is amazing. I wouldn’t change a thing on that day, just wish I could have recorded what I saw to be able to relive those moments.

You have done a lot in those 40 years. What still needs to be done?

A lot of it!

What can we expect from your show in Brazil? For quite a long time that you don’t get.

It’s been so long! I’m excited to see you…. I LOVE how the brazilian public is wrong, and I can’t wait to hear from you and share the love!

GRLS! The FESTIVAL in 2020

With performances by Kylie Minogue, Little Mix, Gaby Amarantos, Tierra Whack, Linn, in the Gorge, IZA, MC, Tha, and Mulamba
When you: 7th and 8th of march
Where to: Memorial da América Latina Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 664 – Barra Funda, São Paulo, brazil)
Time: Panel with invited guests (see list below) from 10: 30 am, show from of 15.
Tickets: pista-R$ 440 (full), pista premium R$ 780 (full), discounted to the input of the social, and of students from low-income
Where to buy: and the office of the health services integration Hall



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