After Cyberpunk 2077, this video game will be adapted into an animated series

Earlier in the week, we revealed that the famous director Zack Snyder wanted to adapt two cult video games on the big screen, citing the names of two iconic titles for Xbox gamers. Because it’s been some time since the video games became a source of inspiration for the Hollywood industry, and more generally in the audiovisual sector, wishing then to exploit already existing universes. And precisely, the fans recently learned that another game would soon be entitled to its adaptationbut which will be done this time in the form of a animated series. We tell you everything.

the anime series adaptation of an indie game

Video games seem to have become more and more popular lately, as evidenced by the increasing number of adaptations that are produced each year.. We will think in particular of the saga of Uncharted with the star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Tom Holland for example, and more recently to the series The Last of Usin which we found Pedro Pascal, the star of The Mandalorian. But we could also cite many others, such as resident Evil, tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed or Gran Turismowhich hit theaters a few weeks ago.

But if the big licenses of the video game industry seem to be particularly interesting for the cinema sector, the trend is not limited to the famous AAA, evidenced by this recent announcement from thatgamecompany. Indeed, this American independent video game studio recently gave news of its next project, namely an animation series based on the game Sky: Children of the Light.

sky: children of the light

Announced last year, fans got to learn more about this upcoming anime series, in particular its official title, namely Sky: The Two Embers. A new trailer shared by IGN also allows us to have a unique insight into the project.

It was therefore during gamescom 2023 that fans were able to discover a little more about the upcoming series. Sky: The Two Embers, which is scheduled for release in the course of 2024. If we still know very little about the plot of this next animated series, we know that it should take place in the game universe. Sky: Children of the Light, an adventure game that was first released on mobile in 2019, before arriving on Switch in 2021, then on the PS4 at the end of last year. In addition, the game should soon arrive on PC.

The studio thatgamecompany had first made a name for itself with the game flowwhich was originally a simple flash game released on the web in 2006. Subsequently, the studio released Flower in 2009, then Journey in 2012. The games developed by thatgamecompany are recognized for their unique atmosphere, which mainly focuses on the emotions conveyed to the players. And lately the game Sky: Children of the Light had also been talked about, after breaking several records, including that of “the largest audience at a concert in a virtual world”.

sky indie game

We then notice that adaptation as an animated series seems to be an increasingly popular format. The fans were then able to rediscover the universe of Cyberpunk 2077 thanks to the anime Cyberpunk: Edge Runnersor that of Nier: Automata with the anime released this year. In addition, we also revealed to you a few months ago that another independent game was also going to be entitled to its adaptation into an animated series, namely vampire survivors.

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