After Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke launches into comics with a feminist comic strip

Great fan of comics, the actress of GoT and of Secret Invasion tries to write. She reveals her very first creation, MOM: Mother of Madnessa strong and intimate story.

With his “Dracaries! », Daenerys Targaryen is clearly one of the most badass female characters of all time. Fan of fantasy and comics, her interpreter Emilia Clarke recently distinguished herself in another strong role with Secret Invasion. In parallel with the Marvel series, the actress has tried another exercise: writing comics.

Supported by her co-screenwriter Marguerite Bennett (Batwoman, X-Men: Years of Future Past) and by the French cartoonist Leila Leiz (Theophilia Werner, Hadj Moussa), she launched her very first mini-series, MOM: Mother of Madness. Unsurprisingly, this 100% female team imagined a sensitive, funny and powerful story.

When Deadpool meets Fleabag

Asked by Entertainment Weekly on the occasion of this exceptional publication, the actress revealed that she had often felt excluded from the world of comics when she was a child. “I was not allowed to enter these comic book stores with my brother because I was the losing little sister. When I could cross the threshold of these shops, I noticed that there were not many women in the place, nor on the covers. (…) I was even wondering if there were superheroines who didn’t wear tight-fitting costumes. »

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A few years later, Emilia Clarke decided to take her revenge. In MOM: Mother of MadnessMaya is “Chemical engineer by day, superhero by night and single mom 24/7”. The powers of the young woman manifest themselves according to her emotions, and particularly during her menstrual cycle.

“When she activates them to neutralize a sect of human traffickers, we are propelled into an action comedy that holds as much Dead Pool than from the TV series Fleabag. “A mix of genres promised by Panini Comics more than attractive.

The strength of emotion

In an interview with American media varietythe artist revealed that the idea for her character was born from seeing single mothers, whom she considers heroines. “It takes superhuman strength to handle all of this!” » She also wondered “What would happen if we turned our period into a superpower, something that makes us feel unique and super strong with what’s going on in our body. » In MOMmood swings and bloating become a weapon, fear makes Maya invisible, and her anger increases her strength tenfold.

©Panini Comics

Similar to Deadpool or Fleabag, Maya breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to her readers about powerful topics, such as sexism or human trafficking.

Its French publisher assures us: “Emilia Clarke signs a deeply feminist story that turns sexist clichés on their head, by transforming characteristics often perceived as negative by patriarchal society (rules, emotions, etc.) into superpowers. » Something to intrigue us and make us want to immediately dive into this amazing story.

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