After Mario Bros and The Last of Us, this award-winning game will soon be adapted to the screen

THE adaptations of video games in movies Or series have been booming for several years. And if their quantity increases, it is generally the case of their quality as well. And in view of the big successes recently encountered, like the feature filmanimation Super Mario Bros. or the HBO series The Last of Us, it makes sense that similar projects continue to emerge. This time, it’s a hit title released in 2022 that is in the spotlight.

the video game makes its cinema

In recent years, there have been countless video game adaptations that have met with great success at the box office or on SVOD platforms. Despite some relative disappointments such as the film Uncharted with Tom Holland, not living up to expectations, the good surprises are now more numerous than the bad. Thus, how not to speak of the excellent adaptation of The Last of Us on HBO, who could even have the right to spin-offs? Or the excellent animated series Arcanea real masterpiece yet inspired by a multiplayer game: League of Legends ? On the side of animated films, now, the model to follow is now that of Super Mario Bros., the moviewhich topped $1 billion at the box office earlier this year! And precisely, it is another successful game, although less known to the general public, which will be adapted in the same format: stray.

super mario bros movie

cats soon on our screens

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! The game strayfrom the French studio BlueTwelve Studio, will soon be adapted into an animated film. A decision that we owe to Annapurna Interactive, which is extremely promising. Indeed, the publisher’s parent company is none other than Annapurna Pictures, which specializes in film production. We can therefore expect quality work in terms of animation and production. It remains to be seen whether the writing and the screenplay will be up to it. For the time being, we do not know if the latter will take up the story of the game originally released in 2022 on PlayStation, or if it will simply take place in the same universe. Rober Baird, the animation co-director of Annapurna Animation, in charge of the project, presents it as a “comedy buddy between a cat and a robot”. For the moment, we will have to content ourselves with this meager information, but we will follow the project very closely! If the game means nothing to you, you can discover its trailer below.

For a little more detail, know that theThis software developed by BlueTwelve Studio allows you to embody a stray cat (“stray”, in English) whose identity we do not know. He finds himself trapped in a city isolated from the rest of the world and populated by robots and other machines, as well as “mutant bacteria” that you will have to fight. Quickly, the adorable feline finds himself in possession of the B-12 drone, which allows him to interact with the robotic beings he meets and which also serves as his companion throughout his journey to the surface. Combining action, reflection and above all platform phases, Stray received acclaim from gamers and also won several awards, including the prestigious “Best Indie Game” at The Game Awards 2022.

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