After Neymar, Felipe Neto makes peace with Zé Felipe

Truce! After turning around with Neymar Jr., Felipe Neto told his followers that he also put an end to the feud he had with Zé Felipe. For those who don’t remember, the two fought in November last year, when the singer called the influencer “nauseous” after believing in a fake news.

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It all happened after a video of Felipe Neto went viral that questioned the lack of political positioning of the sertanejos in the midst of the Covid-pandemic. An excerpt from the statement, however, was taken out of context and had negative repercussions.

Where are the country artists? Where are you? What are you doing? There are people dying and the only concern is livezinha getting drunk, is that right?“, it was the youtuber’s speech that drew attention. Zé Felipein turn, got very angry, told Felipe Neto to shut up and called him “seasick”. However, now it seems that everything is resolved!

“A lot of people remember a silly thing that would have happened between me and Zé Felipe, when Zé Felipe believed in a fake news that I would have said that the sertanejos didn’t help anyone in the pandemic and everything else”, he began. Felipe Neto.

“That was a lie spread around. And he believed. He made Stories telling me to take the **, anyway. And we never managed to solve it, because he kept believing”, he added. However, according to the youtuber, recently the two managed to talk.

After a tweet where the influencer played with the names of his enemies, the husband of Virginia sent him a message: “Unbelievably, the Zé Felipe sent me directly”.

“He said he likes me, that was his way and apologized. So, I thought it was nice to communicate that I accept the apology and let’s go, let’s move on”, he concluded.

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