After PSG, a star fails her boyfriend

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After PSG, a star fails her boyfriend

Published on September 7, 2023 at 11:30 pm.

Sergio Ramos had no shortage of courtiers after leaving PSG. The Spanish defender was requested by Saudi Arabia, but also by Galatasaray, as recognized by their sporting director Erden Timur. But the former Real Madrid captain has finally decided to return to Sevilla FC.

For Sergio Ramos, the Parisian adventure ended at the end of last season. According to team soccer, The player had received a new contract, but the offer was rejected. The Spanish defender did not want to develop under orders from Luis Enrique, who refused to call him up for the previous World Cup. Queue. forced to leave, Sergio Ramos Eventually a base was found. He decided to end his career where it all began Sevilla F.C.

“It’s always a great pleasure to come home”

When signing your contract, Sergio Ramos Don’t hide your feelings. , It’s a very special day, coming home always brings great joy. I couldn’t wait to get home, there was no reason to go anywhere else. It’s a debt to my father, my grandfather, Sevilleismo, Puerta (the Sevilla player who died in the 2007 editor’s note), a lot of things that matter. Spanish player trusted.

Sergio Ramos would have failed Galatasaray

However, former captain real Madrid There was no dearth of requests. l’Saudi Arab Then Galatasaray Came to inquire. But Sergio Ramos Was determined to found his own training club. , Sergio Ramos has been persuaded to come to Galatasaray. There were differences on some points. When Sevilla came and offered him to come, he wanted to go there. ” Recognized Erden TimurThe Turkish club’s sporting director in remarks reported by Media Webslan.

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