after the controversies, bad news for live-action

Snow White, the new live-action adaptation of an animated film from the American company, never ceases to be talked about. In fact, lately, the project is the subject of many controversies : as if that were not enough, yet another inconvenience has just been added to an already long list.

Snow White with absent subscribers?

Until then, the film worn by actress Rachel Zegler, opposite Gal Gadot for the occasion, is supposed to be released on March 22, 2024 in dark rooms. By the media puckwe learn however that the live-action of Disney – at the heart of a wave of projects of the genre – should have its air date “almost certainly” pushed back. An almost certain postponement due to the strike of the screenwriters, mobilized since the end of May and joined in mid-July by the main union of actors in the country. This social movement of certain magnitude has, of course, consequences: pending progress on the demands of the strikers, number of shootings or series and films in writing are temporarily on hold.

Snow White

If the famous studios have, for the moment, in no way denied or confirmed this change, the rumor has it that the next part of Dead Pool also be postponed to a later date. Also, on May 3, 2024, the date of its initial release, could ultimately fall to Snow White, only shifting its entry into cinemas by barely a month and a half. There are many works impacted by the mobilizations, from the new and fourth season of The Boys in the second part of Dunes… Especially since some programs find themselves simply cancelled, like the yet very nice Peripheral, series offered by Amazon starring Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass).

The apple of discord

Lately, Snow White has been widely talked about, but not necessarily in a good way, far from it. After the “scandal” of the transformation of the seven dwarfs – strongly criticized by Peter Dinklage – in “magical creatures”, other conflicts broke out. An exit from the star of the new version, which however dates from 2022, recently resurfaced on social networks. Rachel Zegler, interpreter of Maria in the West Side Story of Spielberg and future heroine of the prequel toHunger Games, had then made no secret of his desire to move away from the work of 1937. She confided in particular her enthusiasm for the idea of ​​​​infusing a “modern accent” to the princessslipping that the feature film would not revolve around a Snow White waiting for some help from her prince charming …


The young woman had also emphasized the evolution of mentalities since the animated version, calling the prince’s behavior that of a “stalker” and insisting on the desire to offer more than a love story. Unfortunately for her, if her remarks were welcomed by many people, many others strongly made it known that they did not share her opinions… So, will the film succeed in attracting and seducing the general public despite these incessant controversies, revived by the intervention of the grandson of a director of the 1937 version? Especially since live-action is resolutely divisive at Disney: in recent years, films like Pinocchio, Peter Pan and Wendy or Mulan failed to convince most viewers. On the other hand, cruella, Aladdin And The beauty and the Beast got rave reviews from fans! We just have to wait until the first half of 2024 to find out what the fate of Snow White will be, if, however, the release of the project is not postponed again

By Marie-Mathilde Peyralbe

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