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The bilogo tila Iamarino at the Wheel-Live from TV show” (foto: TV Cultura/ Play)

In the interview, the bilogo tila Iamarino the program Overdriveon TV here, So Paul, on the evening of Monday, still tapping. One of the voices of people in the united states weighed in and didticas of the crisis caused by the multi-COVID-19he stated that it has been saying on the vdeos on the internet, that the have been seen by more than 5 milhes de people: “what I want to say is that the world we lived will never come back, but for him, we’re going to come back. It will be different, and perhaps more united.

Graduated from the university, where he received a doctorate in microbiology and the ps is an assistant professor at Yale (USA), bilogo has been one of the first to predict the death of the at-1 to maize in the brazilian case, the measures of social isolation as a drop-down of the activities to be implemented. To this end, supporting the study, from Imperial College, London, uk.

As almost all of the authorities of health, tila argues that the social as the most effective way to contain the disseminao of the new coronavrus, even if it is sacrificante for many people. “It’s still going to take a long time to move through the streets, and we will do the same as before. As in there are no tests, and a vaccine against coronavrus will certainly use mscaras. It’s done now, because there are mscaras enough available (and the priority given to occupational health), and because of the deveramos us to them,” he said. “Is it proven that the city has always been used mscaras recover more quickly.”

tila spoke out against the so-called isolation of the vertical as proposed by the president of Jair, jair bolsonaro (non-party), which affects people from groups considered to be at risk, such as those over the age of 60. According to him, there is a base cientfica even if you start a discussion from this point of view, when there is something that “needs to be tested. A, yes, yes, we can talk about it.”

Like everything else in the last years of the In brazil, in the matter of music for the public also won a contoured polticos. The bilogo, however, sought to avoid the polarizao, and pointed out the most important thing for everyone to join esforos order to minimize the risks and save lives during a pandemic.

“We depend on the esas that are being made. In the states, they all stood in the circulao, and put people in quarantine, restricted to the trade. I feel that the us is in a moment, in the home, est fire, we want to take away from all of the world, home to the miss ningum, and in the matter of who lit the fire, and the fire of the right hand or to the left. Are you taking that aes to do it? Est another. If you are getting in the way of what the states are doing it, you are getting in the way of the world are doing,” he said.

He also points out that it’s just an example, to Belarus, on the adopted measures to try to contain the new coronavrus. And it argues that the investment in a cincia back in full swing in Brazil. What est is stopped in the phase of the invest in a cincia country. That’s the one thing right now. the one thing that comes out of a very long time. Ns: we need people who are prepared to do the testing, but found out recently that they have had in their pockets cientficas cut off,” he said, referring to a friend of the researcher.


The declaraes de tila had a lot of the social networks, with the interview being one of the topics most talked about on Twitter in the morning, this will have on Wednesday (the 31st). At who is the sponsor the unconditional of the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro has praised the attitude of bilogo.

“Very good, esclacedora the interview on the Wheel of Life”, published on the presenter’s Mouse is LOCATED. ”It shows that we are going to have to review many of the things that happen to me, attitudes, and behavior.

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