After the Polanski malaise, the Mostra discovers the last Woody Allen

Unlike Polanski, who has been on the run for 40 years from American justice after a conviction for illegal sexual relations with a minor, Woody Allen is not worried by the courts, and no sexual assault investigation concerning him has resulted.

At 87, the director of “Annie Hall” and “Match Point”, a master of humor and social satire, has nonetheless lived for several years on the fringes of the 7th art, almost no longer turns to United States, and has become for some one of the symbols of gender-based and sexual violence.

In question: the accusations of sexual assault launched by Dylan Farrow, whom he adopted as a child, with his ex-wife Mia Farrow.

His invitation to the Mostra, which he should a priori tread the red carpet to present “Coup de chance” out of competition, has everything to divide. On the one hand, those who see it as a symbol of the impunity of artists, on the other those who call for favoring the presumption of innocence, or for separating the artist from his work, such as the director of the festival, Alberto Barbara.

On the cinema side, will “Coup de chance” mark the last stand of a filmmaker in search of inspiration in recent years, or a creative burst?

This fiftieth film is his first shot in France with French actors, Lou de Laâge, Melvil Poupaud, Niels Schneider and Valérie Lemercier. It promises to be a thriller tinged with vaudeville, around an extra-marital affair in the Paris of the beautiful districts and will be released in French theaters on September 27.

Sofia Coppola and Elvis’ wife

As for the race for the Golden Lion, this 80th edition of the Mostra, which continues in the absence of most of the biggest stars due to the historic strike of actors and screenwriters in Hollywood, is still very open.

Among the favorites of international critics, halfway through, stands out a fantastic film with American star Emma Stone, “Poor Creatures”, by Greek Yorgos Lanthimos (“The Lobster”, “The Favorite”).

Also noticed were the “Ferrari” by Michael Mann, with Adam Driver, or “The Beast” by Bertrand Bonello, with Léa Seydoux.

Jury president Damien Chazelle (“La la Land”, “Babylon”) and his colleagues, including director Jane Campion, are due to see two long-awaited films on Monday: “Priscilla” by Sofia Coppola, a biopic about the wife of “king” Elvis Presley, and the new film by Japanese Ryusuke Hamaguchi, “Evil does not exist”, after the success of “Drive My Car”, awarded at Cannes before going to the Oscars.

On the French side, are still expected in competition Stéphane Brizé (“Out of Season”, with Guillaume Canet) and out of competition Quentin Dupieux, crowned with the summer success of his comedy “Yannick”, for his latest absurd film, “Daaaaaali!”.

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