After the third dose, fourth and fifth? The expert is almost sure

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And yet this may not be the “last straight”. Director of the National Institute of Public Health, dr hab. Grzegorz Juszczyk was asked if we would have to take the fourth and the fifth dose after the third dose. He replied that “it is very likely” – informed

“We hope that taking a third booster dose will be sufficient protection against the new variants,” he added. Dr hab also answered the question whether isolations and lockdowns help in the fight against the virus.

The director of the NIZP was a guest of Piotr Witwicki in “Guest of the Events”. The main topics covered in the program were, of course, the coronavirus pandemic and the thread of its new strain, recently baptized as “Omicron”.

“The pandemic is beginning to resemble the course of a new infectious disease, which we will have to deal with for a long time,” said the director of the National Institute of Public Health in “Guest of Events”.

Dr hab. Juszczyk calmed down Polsat viewers. He said that pharmaceutical companies, “vaccine manufacturers have already undertaken analyzes and research to help prepare a new dose for the new variant.

The director also mentioned that according to the epidemiological research of OBSER-CO, herd immunity in our country amounted to 74%. This seemed to be a sufficient level, however, it turned out that transmission of the virus had not been interrupted. Dr hab. Juszczyk says that it is possible that there will be more booster doses, as immunity to the virus drops quickly after vaccination.

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