After this movie you will forget that Lady Gaga is singing. Review of the movie “Gucci House”

I got to know the story of the murder in the Gucci house years ago (possibly a decade) and then I was wondering how it was possible that it hadn’t been filmed yet. I just got a reply. This story was waiting for Ridley Scott and Lady Gaga. Looks like me too. I know the story inside out, love it, and I’m delighted that “Gucci House” is exactly what I wanted it to be. Is it wrong that I wasn’t surprised? Absolutely not.

  • What, in my opinion, Ridley Scott absolutely managed to convey the atmosphere of both the 70s and 80s, the Italian style and the whole lifestyle with the Gucci label.
  • Lady Gaga is authentic at every stage of this role, the viewer can easily sense her intentions and let herself be captivated by intrigues.
  • In the role of Adam Driver it was difficult to play a modest character without completely dying in the shadow of the dominant heroine of Lady Gaga – and he managed to do so
  • Al Pacino in the role of Aldo Gucci has all the warmth of his Italian uncle, who has not heard of personal space, but when you need to get your way – he has the resoluteness of a Sicilian
  • Not only do you feel like it is Gucci, but you are viewing this world with lust
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Murder in the Gucci house

The plot of the history of “Dom Gucci” focuses on perhaps the most sensational story in the whole world of fashion, which, like the murder of Gianni Versace, still arouses great emotions today. Ridley Scott, eager to tell this story, shot himself perfectly into the timeline. Starting with meeting Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio, Gucci very honestly reflected the moment of their mutual love, Patrizia’s determination, the beginnings of their relationship, the honeymoon years of marriage and the crisis that led to divorce. It is enough to look at any of the books about the Gucci family – they have a biblical format, because the real history of this family is ready material not for one, but at least three films or series. The viewer, who knows the history of the Gucci family, will appreciate how the director skilfully guided the following themes so that the story was clear and built on the cause-effect principle.

What, in my opinion, Ridley Scott absolutely managed to convey the atmosphere of both the 1970s and 1980s, as well as the Italian style and the entire lifestyle with the Gucci label, which was also helped by the Polish operator, Oscar nominated Dariusz Wolski. In fact, he was done with the costumes – all you had to do was look at the archives, the scenery was similar, because when making a film with an Italian background, the set design happens by itself. However, the atmosphere of a wonderful “dolce vita” will not do itself and you have to do it justice. It was largely due to the absolutely perfectly selected actors, the pace of the film (except for the gently sitting finale) and the soundtruck, in which we can find hits of decades, intertwined with Italian hits. All of this gives the impression that you not only feel that this is Gucci, but that you are viewing this world with desire.

Lady Gaga, Birth of the Black Widow

Undoubtedly, the biggest sensation in the cast of “Dom Gucci” from the very beginning is Lady Gaga. I bet more than one actress in Hollywood would give up five of their roles for one role of Patrizia Reggiani. This character is so complex, colorful and expressive that for the actress it sounds like a professional dream come true and a role that can lift her career to a completely different level. Ridley Scott, meanwhile, stars as Lady Gaga, a star after her debut. Recklessly? After the screening, I can say that the director must have felt from the very beginning that there was no greater risk in this decision. Lady Gaga is a great actress. She absolutely convincingly captured the path that Patrizia Reggiani went to Patrizia Gucci to finally be hailed as Black Widow. Weakness to live in luxury, which is why Patrizia was called Tutankhamen among the Roman society, spending 14 thousand. hole. monthly for orchids alone, flying a private jet for shopping – although it was not shown in the film, thanks to the role of Lady Gaga, I am able to believe in every, even the most ridiculous rumor about Patrizia Reggiani. At every stage of this role, she is authentic, the viewer can easily sense her intentions and let herself be captivated by intrigues. If it goes on like this, we’ll hear more about the next Lady Gaga movie than about her new album. If I had to stick to something, it would be her accent, which at times sounded a bit Slavic (am I picking on?).

Lady Gaga in the role of Patrizia Reggiani

Lady Gaga in the role of Patrizia Reggiani

Photo: Forum Film Poland

Adam Driver as Maurizio

The story is completely different with Adam Driver, because he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Maurizio Gucci was a withdrawn, shy, a bit complex heir, who was also aware of everything that his family name carried, but he consciously gave up some of it. He has undergone a transformation under the wings of self-confident, endearing and power-hungry Patrizia. He became a cool businessman who preferred his own interests to his family.

I am not surprised that after roles in such films as “Paterson”, “Marriage Story” or “Black Brotherhood” it was Adam Driver who got the role of Maurizio Gucci. In his career, he showed basically all the ingredients that Ridley Scott needed to cast in this role.

What, in my opinion, was difficult with an actor of his size, and what he did was to play a modest character so as not to completely die in the shadow of his partner Lady Gaga, because that was basically the relationship between Maurizio and Patrizia.

Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci in “Gucci House”

Photo: Forum Film Poland

Al Pacino as Aldo Gucci

The most “Italian” of the brilliant galaxy of stars of “Gucci House” is Al Pacino as Aldo Gucci. It has all the warmth of an Italian uncle who has not heard of personal space, absolute elegance, without mock modesty, the generosity of a man who wants to win your favor, but when you have to put your own way – the Sicilian firmness.

His brother, Rodolfo, is played by Jeremy Irons. He’s an actor I don’t dare to doubt. In the role of a bitter lover from the black and white era, overwhelmed by his own tragedy, who in addition is the guardian of the old order in the Gucci fashion house, he is perfect. I won’t be surprised to see him next to Jared Leto at the next Gucci show soon. Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci, has to see “this thing”.

Ridley Scott at “The House of Gucci” put together an excellent cast

Photo: Forum Film Poland

Jared Leto as Paolo Gucci

And since I mentioned Jared Leto, I have to admit that I would like to skip his role. While at the beginning I was amused by his clownery (Paolo Gucci really stood out from the rest of the family in many respects), over time the exaggerated makeup, combined with the American attempt to be more Italian than Neapolitan pizza, became simply caricatured. I have no doubt that Jared Leto was working on this character, but in my opinion it went the wrong way. In fact, Paolo’s character is not comedic, you have to remember that he also – in all his awkwardness – carried an ancestral tragedy, so I think that his character was treated unfairly in the film. And I am not at all surprised by his daughter who talks about it loud in interviews.

However, I was not immersed in rapture. Right after watching the film, I got the reflection that if I had known less about the whole story, hadn’t read so many books and articles, I would have had even more fun on the film. In my opinion, the end of the film is a bit different from the rest of it. The divorce itself took months, and 10 years passed from its moment to Maurizio’s murder. I missed Patrizia’s madness after her husband’s betrayal. Reportedly, the main reason she took this final step was that he refused to increase her child support by a million dollars and that he wanted to marry his beloved Paola. Lady Gaga performed flawlessly, rather I have a feeling that the director could have given her a little more space, instead of focusing on the takeover of the fashion house by an external company. Patrizia’s despair and revenge is understandable, but it could be shown a little more so that a viewer who hasn’t delved into the whole story of Maurizio’s murder can get a good grasp of what led up to it.

The director consciously gave up the presentation of the entire Gucci family, including the other two sons of Alda and his illegitimate daughter – by the way – Patrizia Gucci. And praise him for that, because if this complicated topic (which actually led to serving in the Alda prison), we would have left the cinema after 4 hours with notes. However, what surprised me much more – in the “House of Gucci” only one of the two daughters of Maurizio and Patrizia, the older Alessandra, is mentioned, and there is no word about the younger Allegra.

I must admit that “The House of Gucci” is the film I was waiting for the premiere this year the most. And I was not disappointed. The most tragic story of the scandalous cards of the Gucci family was rendered as it deserved. I had enormous expectations for this film, which may not have been met until the very end, but certainly so much that I can’t wait to come back to it again.

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