After two years, PGE Skra won against Cuprum Lubin at home. It wasn’t easy!

– Cuprum Lubin played an excellent match against us in the first round. Now we know what to expect – said Aleksandar Atanasijević, attacking PGE Skra Bełchatów before the match with Miedziow. In the Tuesday meeting in Hala Energia, his team had something to prove to the rivals who left Bełchatów in the blaze of victory in the last two seasons. In the current competitions, Cuprum is also showing bravery, thanks to which it can still aim to advance to the playoffs of PlusLiga.

Despite the absence of Marcin Waliński in the six, the inhabitants of Lubin began boldly from the very beginning of the premiere edition, in which, thanks to successful attacks, they even gained a three-point lead. Bełchatów, however, made up for the loss, leading to a fairly even ending, in which the key to win was the service.

First, Atanasijevic’s service, and then Dick Kooy’s service, allowed Skra to get the lead, and in addition, Milad Ebadipour finished the game as an ace. Both teams maintained high effectiveness in the attack until the very end (60 hosts and 66% of visitors), which shows that as many as four players on the pitch finished all the balls sent to them.

The service also turned out to be an element that allowed Skra – as it seemed – to set the game in the second game. It all started with the first ace point by Mateusz Bieńek, who ended the game with three points scored. His colleague Karol Kłos also contributed to this element, thanks to which the charges of Slobodan Kovacio gained an advantage.

However, the copper players were consistently making up for the losses, and as a result, they again came to an even end. The attack of Grzegorz Boćek, who was introduced to the pitch, and the block of Wojciech Ferens allowed the Lublin players to take the lead. It was the two successful beats of the second of the mentioned players that allowed the visitors to balance the game in sets. In this installment, for the first time this season, Michał Gierżot appeared on the pitch on the side of Cuprum, who had so far been sidelined due to an injury (he contracted it in the colors of the Polish U-21 national team).

The players from Bełchatów had a clear advantage in the third set, and both the difficult games and the very good attitude of Atanasijević, Bieńek and Kooy played a big role in this. At 21:14 a successful attack was recorded by Bociek, who felt pain in the area of ​​his right knee after its execution.

After this short break, Miedz in the line-up with Paweł Pietraszka in the service field (three aces) began to eliminate losses (21:19). Their series was interrupted by two successful attacks by Kooy, thanks to which Slobodan Kovac’s players took the lead in the match. Interestingly, it was only in this game that the Bełchatów players recorded their first point block (its author was Grzegorz Łomacz), but on Tuesday, the inhabitants of Bełchatów also experienced problems in this element (only three points).

Although PGE Skra again started the game with a several-point lead, the Cuprum volleyball players did not lay down their arms again. The team from Bełchatów returned to the right track this time thanks to Robert Täht, whose plays allowed them to gain two points of advantage. They enlarged this one thanks to the block, and the Yellow-Czarni match ended with two service aces from reserve Mikołaj Sawicki. For the fourth time this season, Bieńek was selected for the MVP, who showed off with four points and ended the match with 17 points.

PGE SKRA BELCHATÓW – CUPRUM LUBIN 3: 1 (25:22, 23:25, 25:22, 25:20)

PGE SKRA: Łomacz 1, Ebadipour 6, Bieniek 17, Atanasijević 19, Kooy 15, Kłos 11 and Piechocki (l), Sawicki 2, Täht 1, Czerwiński. Coach: Kovač.

CUPRUM: Sekita 1, Ferens 18, Pietraszko 9, Kapica 9, Maruszczyk 11, Gunia 7 and K. Szymura (l), Sas (l), Waliński, Bociek 6, Stępień 1, Gierżot 1. Coach: Rusek.

MVP: Bieniek. They judged: King and Weiner. Viewers: 246.

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