After Us Now PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S – Available for MMORPG zones

Private Division and Piccolo Studios announce that after U.S Now available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Explore a surreal world as Gaia, the spirit of life, on a mission to restore a desolate and broken planet by reviving animal souls. This third-person adventure game combines platforming, puzzle-solving and Piccolo Studios’ signature style of emotional storytelling to create an unforgettable experience. Will you be able to fight the darkness to restore hope to the world? after U.S,

Players traverse across multiple biomes after U.S– Navigate treacherous waters filled with sunken ships, atop the wastelands of a ruined city, or dodge deadly traps while avoiding vigilante predators bent on consuming what’s left of life. Using an explosion of life potential, Gaia emits radiant energy and light to revive lost nature, sprout trees on a large scale, and open new avenues to move forward.

“Together after U.S, we want to create a game that will inspire and challenge players”, explains Jordi Minstrels, game director at Piccolo Studios. “In short, we’re asking what kind of world can we leave behind. Although it seems dark at times, ultimately we want to share a message of hope. We look forward to seeing the response of the players.”

In after U.S There are over 100 different animal spirits to collect. Players will discover the ultimate fate of majestic creatures such as the last whale, the last caged eagle or the last hunted deer. Each scenario poses new challenges, and recounts the final moments of these animals as a prelude to their resurrection. In addition to these noble spirits, players can discover many other wild animals, such as cats, squirrels, fish, horses, and more. Once found, these animals would become visible throughout the world: serene spiritual reflections of the inhabitants that once roamed the earth.

after U.S Challenges players to discover what happened to our planet through imaginative and thought-provoking environmental storytelling. Players will encounter beautiful views and breathtaking landscapes scarred by destruction that provide moments of reflection. What decisions were taken to build this wasteland? Players will uncover hidden memories to learn about the tragedy and beauty of everyday life. There are riddles that give glimpses of the destructive actions that gave birth to this world. And finally, by uncovering these secrets, players will be able to discover the full story of After Us.

after U.S It is not only for entertainment but also to raise the consciousness of the players. We are very proud to be able to release this game,” says Naomi Steele, Senior Producer at Private Division. “Piccolo Studios shows its virtuosity and skill in creating an offbeat game that is sure to leave a moving and emotional impression.”

Watch the launch trailer for after U.S in youtube.

after U.S Available now for PC on Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S for €29.99 (recommended price). To learn more about After Us, subscribe on YouTube, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, become a fan on Facebook, and visit

Private Division Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO).

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