After you register a song with the name of the ex, Selena Gomez, The Weeknd back to back and the single ” you can’t get out of the paper and find out all the details


It’s… it seems that you don’t kill him, the curiosity to see the letter, Like “Selena”! On the 25th day of November, in the star, The Weeknd cause a commotion, and so much in the media is to be revealed to you through the web site of the American Society of Composers, he left this song with the name of your ex-the star, Selena Gomez. However, it seems that he has changed his mind!

According to E! News: The Weeknd to not throw it more Like “Better”. In the second (02), it has been reported that the Company’s website has removed the page with all the info on the new song, the singer, who was listed under the real name of it Abel Tesfaye. According to previous news, it was like the writer of the song, and performer it. It will be what we are without even listening to the single, bapho? We were coming up high, the theories about the content!

However, there are plenty of songs on the voice, “to Lose You To Love Me” in the portfolio-The-Weeknd — allegedly, of course). In march of last year, he released his EP, “six songs, “My Dear Melancholy, and the lyrics of her single” extremely emotional, “Call Out My Name, and made the fans to speculate that some of the segments they talked about the relationship of the two.

“We’ve cut off a piece of me into your life / I Think I was the only other stop is Up to you to do in your head, and You just wasted my time” he sings on a hit. Some critics have suggested that Abel was making a direct reference to the transplantation of a Better, aside from the fact that for the singer to resume a relationship with Justin Bieber and as soon as they are finished.

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And Abel, he and Selena dated for ten months and in the fall of 2017, before they put an end to the relationship, in October of the same year. According to ET Online, the couple of artists, she broke off the relationship after the emotionally damaged to do the surgery of kidney transplant. “I was not going to last”, said a source. “During the [o período do transplante], Selena is really focused on friends, rather than that of The Weeknd. It just wasn’t available to drop everything and be with her all the time. He was supportive and caring, it is, of course, but it’s really [o transplante] it was a journey for her and her friends he explained.

Selena and Abel, when they were still together…. (Photo: Getty Images)

The insider also added that his friends and Selena has never liked to Abel: “It is not a part of the group, the church, and it is not enturmava with her friends. And, at this point, those of friends, and her faith means everything to her.”

Recently, Selena has also attracted attention in the media because of his former relationship with the singer. The star walked by liking and commenting on a photo of someone’s ex and Abel, a model, Bella Hadid.



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