Afternoon nap: is it good? here’s the truth

Science shows that the afternoon nap it has so many benefits for the body and no, it’s not about laziness. Here’s why it’s important to do it, even for 10 minutes.

Afternoon nap: the reasons why you have to

If you can, you need to take a nap. Like if you have an hour in the office, or you have more hours and you can go home. Or rather you work in smart working, surely you will take a break right? After lunch you need a nice nap!

Here are the reasons why an afternoon nap is good for the body:

  • Improve attention: a nap “recharges the batteries” and allows you to reach the end of the day with energy
  • Help the memory: improves learning and the ability to retain the notions learned. Several studies show that when you take a nap, areas of the brain related to memory acquisition are reactivated, strengthening memory.
  • It reduces stress: lowers cortisol levels and therefore you have a lower blood pressure than those who do not rest.
  • Fortify the heart: Science has proven that sleep deprivation can have negative consequences on heart, hence the afternoon nap has been referred to as a “cardiovascular vacation” as it reduces his overall activity. In fact, a study carried out on 25 people for more than 6 years showed that those who regularly took naps had a 37% lower risk of dying from a heart problem.
  • Strengthens the immune system: if you do not rest enough, thus subjecting the body to the risk of infections given by germs and bacteria. This is a risk that can easily be avoided with a restorative nap which, by helping the immune system, repels these invaders. Furthermore, its benefits also affect the skin, as siesta promotes tissue regenerationmaking us look younger.
  • Enhance Mood: not resting puts you in a bad mood; sleeping little creates a hormonal imbalance which contributes to increasing the feeling of tiredness and irritability. A good nap can save you from this situation!

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