Again? Demi Lovato Was Recorded Performing a Controversial Action

The fans of the singer are worried about this situation.

The recent edition of the Grammy marked the return to the music scene of singer Demi Lovato, who took the opportunity to promote her song “Anyone”, which just calls for help.

And it is that the singer, in 2018 entered emergency to rehabilitation for the second time, after living an episode of overdose that transcended in the media due to the serious situation in which she was.

From that moment, Demi preferred to remain under profile to be able to recover completely and be able to return to the stage.

When Demi Lovato opened the Super Bowl last February 2 where she performed the National Anthem of the United States, many commented that the artist was back.

The interpretation of the artist was very applauded because it marked the return to the music scene, however, a video that seems to mark a setback has been published.

Lovato was in the company of Eiza González, enjoying a party in a Miami nightclub, which was recorded while throwing money at some local dancers, which has ignited the alarms of her followers.

The fans of the artist are worried because the artist continues to attend these places that could cause a relapse, the actresses avoided giving statements when they left the premises.

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