Against the rise in bills, the shield is energy self-production

The key points

  • Quick and tangible benefits from self-sufficiency and energy efficiency
  • Electric mobility redesigns industrial supply chains
  • A boom in sustainability jobs is expected

Companies that have invested in self-sufficiency and energy efficiency and have minimized dependence on Russian gas in time are reaping great benefits from their choice and will have a return on investment in a shorter time than expected. Fortunately, despite the difficult period of the pandemic, many companies in Italy have made this choice: according to the Digital energy efficiency report of the Politecnico di Milano, in 2021 investments in energy efficiency in the industrial sector amounted to over 2.2 billion euro: 90% spent on hardware and the rest on digital technologies and solutions. It is photographed by the Sustainable Development Report published by Sole 24 Ore on 27 September.

Returns on investment faster than expected

On the insert, Vittorio Chiesa (scientific director of the Energy & Strategy team of the Politecnico) points out that in a scenario of high energy prices (for example, electricity 350 € / MWh and gas 200 € / MWh), the return time of an investment in cogeneration can easily fall below a year and a half, from more than two years before the energy crisis, which and the IRR (the internal rate of return) can approach 70%. If we consider the energy efficiency interventions connected to lighting, 2 years of payback and over 40% of IRR can be achieved: a much more favorable scenario than the 7 years estimated a few years ago (with an IRR of just 15%).

Therefore, those who have invested or are now investing in self-production of energy or in efficiency were right. In 2021, investments grew by 8% compared to 2020, a result that highlights the propensity of the industrial sector to make investments in this direction. Among the most widespread technologies stand out cogeneration, efficient combustion systems, smart lighting, efficient air conditioning systems.

Experts agree: it’s time to invest in energy

The Sustainable Development Report traces a clear picture of the benefits of these investments, for example in the public transport sector (the case histories of the FS Group in Italy and the new Elizabeth line in London are emblematic).

Find out more

As is well known, with the protracted war in Ukraine and the consequent strong tensions with Russia, an autumn and a winter are looming with rising energy prices and gas shortages. The experts and entrepreneurs interviewed by the Sole 24 Ore invite us to accelerate on renewables, on supply from other countries (which however has a long time to materialize) and above all on self-generation of energy. The best companies, including Italian ones, already have photovoltaic or cogeneration systems (to obtain energy from heat, from production waste, from the recycling of secondary raw materials). Those who do not have plants of this type are gearing up. Or it would do well to gear up, given the shortage of gas that is looming. It is also necessary to accelerate on biomethane and green hydrogen. It is also important to focus on energy efficiency.

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