Agcom: Damilano’s interview with the philosopher Lévy on Rai3 “violated a level playing field”

The interview with Marco Damilano to the French philosopher Bernard-Herni Lévy in the episode of The horse and the tower aired on Rai3 Monday 19 September at 8.40 pm “violated the principles of fairness and impartiality sanctioned by the provisions on level playing field“. It was decided byAgcomwith Commissioner Elisa voting against Giomi. Deeming the broadcast of yesterday’s episode, Tuesday 20 September, insufficient to rebalance and remedy the violations found, Agcom ordered Rai to broadcast, at the opening of the first useful episode of the programa message in which the conductor Damilano communicates that the principles of pluralismobjectivity, completeness, fairness e loyalty.

After the broadcast of the episode, the criticisms of the center-right were unleashed, with the president of the Rai Supervisory Commission, Alberto Barachinisenator of Come on Italy, who even spoke of “a serious attack on Italian democracy”. Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, then, had taken the opportunity to continue their crusade against public service. The Carroccio in particular, which with Matteo Salvini he also launched the proposal to remove the license fee, he even asked for the resignation of the CEO Charles Fuortes. Complaints had also come from Usigrai, in particular against Damilano: “The conductor chosen outside the company despite the fact that he could count on almost 2000 profiles interior“.

Bernard-Herni Lévy had attacked Matteo Salvini And Giorgia Melonsspeaking of the possible danger of the return of the fascism in Italy. Words that had provoked the furious reaction of Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, which they had presented exposed to Agcom. Damilano, in yesterday’s episode, it was therefore dissociated from the phrases of the philosopher, hosting the historian John Orsina, who expressed the opposite thesis with respect to those of Levy. The Authority, however, ordered Rai to transmit, at the opening of the first useful episode of the program, a message in which the host communicates that the principles of pluralism, objectivity, completeness, correctness and loyalty. The transmission of the message did not take place in tonight’s episode, because Agcom’s decision came close to the broadcast, and is therefore expected in tomorrow’s episode, Thursday 22 September.

“The protection of pluralism – explains the commissioner Elisa Giomi, motivating his vote against – does not pass for one mathematical computation of the words expressed against or in favor of the various political subjects, as if we were accountants of the truth, rather means ensuring the variety and the overall balance of the political opinions of all “.

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