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Cosmary Fasanelli age. Born in 2000, Cosmary was born in Brindisi, she is the Velina brunette of Strip the news from the 2022-2023 edition.

Cosmary Fasanelli age, boyfriend

Cosmary is 22 years old. She is engaged to Nuncio Stancampianodancer of Friends.


Cosmary grew up playing many sports, Cosmary has been studying dance since the age of three and a half. She falls in love with television at 17, when she debuts at Tú yes que vales: two years later she moved to Milan, where she participated as a dancer in various programs and as a competitor for Friendsa two-month experience that she considers extremely formative.

She grows up in a close-knit family, with grandparents and uncles as neighbors and a large park full of animals: the one she is closest to is the dog Asia, a French bulldog. As a child she never missed the selections of Veline and Miss Italia. Her father always said to her: «One day you will be there too» and her prophecy came true, perhaps also because he was the one who accompanied her to all her auditions, with his mother and her little brother. She was elected Miss Cinema in 2019.

Cosmary – who bears her grandmother’s name – defines herself as sociable, humble bordering on insecurity, perfectionist and romantic. She prefers the left side of her body. She loves Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Woman and comedies with Julia Roberts, Marvel films and Disney cartoons, she likes Will Smith and Anne Hathaway. She listens to everything, above all Italian music, especially Elisa and Michele Bravi, but also rap and R’n’B, Ezio Bosso and Chopin.

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