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The first “call” would concern 300,000 young people but some categories are excluded, for example university students. In Russia, military service is still mandatory today

The mobilization declared by Vladimir Putin will at least concern 300,000 young people but some categories will be removed from the lists, for example university students. Here is the first identikit of the “reservist” according to what emerges from the first indications from the Moscow Ministry of Defense, reported by the Tass agency. To these is added the crackdown on internal movements within Russia and on cases of disobedience to the call to arms: measures taken immediately precisely to prevent a mass flight from military obligations.

The mobilization, ie the call to arms of the civilian population, had never been declared by the Kremlin since February 24, the day of the invasion of Ukraine. The disastrous trend in field operations he induced Putin to a change of strategy: «We are only talking about a partial mobilization. This means that only those citizens who are in the reserves and above all, those who have served in the armed forceshave certain military specializations and relevant experience will be subject to conscription “said the tsar in his speech on TV in an attempt to reassure public opinion. For the time being, it would therefore be personnel who have already received basic military training or in the past have worn uniforms; according to rumors the first call would concern men under 26 years old. The military service in Russia, it must be remembered, is still mandatory. The actual number of 300,000 is a fraction of the potential that Russia can field. According to the defense minister Shoigu the available perhaps would arrive at 25 million.

According to reports from Tass, citing the ministry of defense, it will be up to the regional military commands to compile the lists of those who will be called to the front. Each soldier receives currently a monthly salary of about 30,000 rubles, equal to about 460 eurosslightly lower when compared with the average Russian wages: therefore a sufficient income for those who live in rural and remote areas of the country but not for young people in large cities.

The last phase of the war had brought to light the the Kremlin’s difficulty in recruiting military personnel. The defense ministry admitted officially the loss of 5,900 billion, a threshold deemed not credible by international observers. Indeed, the Pentagon ventures an estimate of 70,000 casualties, between dead and wounded. The news, dating back to a few days ago, that the Russian government had offered amnesty and release from prison to prisoners willing to join the Armed Forces: a move considered by experts a symptom of enormous difficulties as well counterproductive in terms of discipline departments.

Finally, it should be remembered that Putin’s televised speech was preceded by the decision of to exacerbate all penalties for those who fail to fulfill their military obligations: draft evaders, cases of insubordination. Who violates these rules now faces up to 15 years in prison. In addition, the chairman of the defense commission of the Duma, Andrey Kartapolov made it clear that reservists cannot leave their residence from today without the permission of the military commissariats.

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