Agnelli, the choice on Allegri’s exemption to the Board of Directors

It will be the Board of Directors of Juventusscheduled for Friday, to establish the future of Massimiliano Allegri. As reported by the QSthe exemption of the current Juventus coach is a concrete hypothesis. Andrea Agnelli And John Elkann they want to leave such a delicate decision to the Board of Directors, since it will then be the shareholders who will have to face the economic impact of the farewell, considering the engagement and its duration.

Obviously, the results (far from satisfactory so far) must be taken into account, combined with a level of play that is not up to par at the start of the season. Results and play that also bring big economic consequences.

Not passing the round in the Champions League, in fact, would undoubtedly affect the revenues of the current season. Even worse would be the failure to qualify for the next edition of the tournament, which guarantees – for participation only – minimum revenues exceeding About 40 million euros.

Putting a low-level show on display is also leading to the disaffection of the fans who no longer fill the Allianz Stadium as in recent times. In addition there is the inevitable devaluation of the players to consider. Here it becomes at least logical to think that the Juventus shareholders can take a drastic decision.

There is only one thing that can save Allegri: the lack of a replacement deemed up to par and who, in addition to giving a change, at least in terms of emotional reaction, does not affect too much in terms of costs and consequently on the balance sheet, which as regards the 2021/22 season will close with a very heavy red.

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