Agnieszka Radwaska praises the photo of the new villa. She had been dreaming about her for years. “My first home”

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Last year Agnieszka Radwańska admitted in an interview with “Gala” that she is waiting for the construction of her house to begin. Even though she already had a few flats, she “bought them in a hurry and close to the courts and the airport.” Now he doesn’t have to do this, so he assumes that there will finally be a place where he will feel good. She showed a photo in which she poses against the background of the construction of her dream house.

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Agnieszka Radwańska showed a new home

Agnieszka Radwaska was afraid of the moment of suspension of her career and stabilization, which was associated with the plan to start a family. She could not imagine that she could feel good without professional responsibilities – when she does not have to hurry and work at the highest speed every day. In “Gala” she admitted, however, that since she “retired” she finally has the opportunity to “live a normal life”, she found happiness. In July, she gave birth to a daughter and she focuses her attention on her. Soon, she and her husband will live in their dream house. On Instagram, she showed a photo from the construction site.

Monday’s inspection # My first home – wrote Radwańska.

Radwańska, wearing a reflective vest and a helmet in her hand, poses against the background of the new apartment. It seems that despite the intensive work on the preparation of the new socket, she is really happy. We hope that he will find the peace he counts so much in his new home.

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