Agony and Vicco will perform at the ‘[email protected] [email protected] 2023’ party in Badajoz in June

Artists Agoni and Vicco will perform on June 10 in Badajoz at the LGBTI diversity and activism festival ‘[email protected] [email protected] 2023’, which will be held from June 1 to 10 under the motto ‘Acho semos el @es [email protected]’ Is. To value the roots and a sense of belonging to an event for all, where there is no place for hate and whose flag is the rights of LGBTI people.

After both passed through the Benidorm Fest, Agoni with his ‘Quiero order’ and Vicco with ‘Nochantera’, Silvia Tostado, president of the Fundación Triangulo Extremadura, has highlighted that the singer, composer and musician Agoni is among the artists of this group. are one of the moment and that since the beginning of his career he has defended the visibility and rights of the LGBTI population.

For her part, openly bisexual, Victoria Riba ‘Vico’ has highlighted that she is a singer, songwriter and music producer, having composed or produced songs for Ardern, Natalia Lacunza, María Escarmiento or Thalía Have done

This was said, accompanied by the Minister of Equality and Cooperation for Development, Isabel Gil Rosina, and the Mayor of Badajoz, Ignacio Gregera, at the presentation of this new edition of ‘Los Palomos’, in which the Family Diversity of the Hand will take place on June 3 in ‘Los Palomos Kids’, or on June 6 the podcast show ‘Los Reyes del Palike’ with its star collaborator Yenisei are other activities of this festival, after its start in the spring of 2011 as a result of some statements by the then mayor of Badajoz, Miguel Celdran.

Diversity and Extremadura

Silvia Tostado elaborated in her speech that each edition of ‘[email protected] [email protected]’ focuses on a theme, emotion and claim, and that this year they want to bet on Extremadura, noting that A social moment in which LGBTI people are celebrating, although they also continue to claim, they have to do it from the field and send the message that diversity is celebrated, worked for, and “fighted” from the field. While progress is also being made on the issue of rights. from the community.

At the same time, they have continued, they do not want to lose the identity of the region, the characteristic ‘Ako’ or its roots and “what better” to capture it in this year’s image by the hand of the artist Fernando Sembrador, Villanueva de la Serena. Born in, author of the design of the official poster of ‘[email protected] [email protected] 2023’ and creator of “extremaduran emoticons” and the brand “Axo Extremadura”; In such a way that the poster combines diversity and tradition.

With regard to this year’s programming, which is due to electoral commitments, Tostado elaborated that it is continuous and will be held from first to tenth, with programs such as the third ‘[email protected] [email protected] Kids’ at the university. With the residence of the CB Foundation (Ruqaab) thanks to the sponsorship of the said Foundation and which will include activities with LGBTI families and those who wish to accompany the day, the closing party of which will be the ‘Peke Party’.

Prior to this, the VII Ruta de la Tapa y la Tarta LGBT will begin on 1 June, as will the VII Diversity Race also held again on 4 June, with two races of 10 and 5 kilometers and three categories between 2.5 kilometers of walk Will be This appointment whose collection through registration will go to the initiative to support the Olympic and Paralympic sports ‘Sponsor an Athlete’; In addition to the above podcast is being held live at La Roucab on the 6th.

The “big day” will take place on June 10 with concerts that will once again be shared between the Puerta Palma stage and the Alcazaba stage with different DJs, where Agoni and Vicco will perform and which they have identified that, from Triangulo, they are “very happy” because the festival is headed by people who have chosen their visibility and their commitment to LGBTI rights, something they wanted to “value”. In the next few days, he has claimed, the rest of the artistes who will perform on both the stages and the presenters will be known.

Silvia Tostado dedicated the end of her speech to indicate that she wanted to give importance to Extremadura, continuing to claim “the greatness of this festival that belongs to all”, Badajoz, Extremadura or those who come from abroad families against LGBTIphobia on May 17 and their demands on the eve at a “very complex” time and in which they will continue to express their joy, and call it “the best” to defend rights We will use this collective as a “tool”.

Also their life, their love or their identity, because they want to live and be happy “wherever we decide to live”. “We are still in danger from those who insist on continuing to question our lives, who insist on questioning our rights, along with boys and girls who continue to have a difficult time in their schools,” he said. with the fact that they continue to “question” their femininity or masculinity or that they are “bullied” in the “worst case scenario”, or that they receive complaints for LGBTIphobia crimes.

For Tostado, “‘[email protected] [email protected]’ is the answer to all this”, because “it is much more than a party” and “there is a firm commitment to say that diversity exists in Extremadura, in Extremadura we celebrate diversity”. Let’s celebrate , Extremadura wants to be a benchmark for that diversity”, and “certainly” from the region they say “to those who intend to continue these hateful speeches that we are not afraid of them” and They will continue to bet on “festivity and activism” each day, whenever necessary.

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