Agora achieved her goal? Wójcik fired from “GW”

The publishing director Jerzy B. Wójcik was fired from Gazeta Wyborcza (Agora), according to the portal. Wójcik worked for “GW” for 28 years. It is, among others the announcement of the dismissal of Wójcik lay at the root of the conflict between the editorial office of “GW” and the management of Agora.

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The employees of “Gazeta Wyborcza” were informed that the editor-in-chief of “GW” Adam Michnik had been informed about the dismissal of Wójcik. “We’re in shock,” one of the people told us

—We read.

As Agora’s management board announced in June, the company’s press segment (including mainly “Gazeta Wyborcza” and the portal will be merged with the division into one business area “pursuing the common goal of increasing digital subscriptions and advertising revenues from all areas of Agora’s websites. ARE”. The company has begun a review of strategic options for its internet business.

Agora’s management explained the move in an email sent to employees. This was due to “business model conflict” and “internal competition”, he said. The chiefs of the title and some journalists were against the planned merger and dismissal of the publisher of “Wyborcza”, Jerzy Wójcik. Their protest was expressed in a letter signed by over 230 people. Porta also informed about “sending another e-mail by the management of ‘Wyborcza'”.

Exemption “not acceptable”

As the chiefs stressed, the dismissal of Wójcik “is not acceptable”. They called the publishers “the creators of the success” of the digital transformation “Wyborcza”, which is expressed in the number of paid digital subscriptions.

It is Jerzy Wójcik who should manage the connection between and For this purpose, our current publisher should select a team of managers who have already gained unique experience in Poland, have competences and have achieved success in this field

– we read in the e-mail signed by, inter alia, First Deputy Editor-in-Chief Jarosław Kurski, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Aleksandra Sobczak, Roman Imielski, Bartosz Wieliński and Mikołaj Chrzan.

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