Agreement signed to expand the management of the San Pedro-Colbun Social Board

The Association of San Pedro Neighborhood Councils and the Colbun Company made a formal adjustment to the agreement that allows various local organizations to join this working example.

quilota– Through a meeting with social leaders, San Pedro’s community organizations celebrated the signing of the Addendum to the Cooperation Agreement between the City’s Neighborhood Association and the Colbun Company, an agreement that formalizes the incorporation of various groups to the management Gives and Benefits of the San Pedro-Colbun Social Board.

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The above example seeks to contribute to the development of San Pedro, based on periodic and coordinated work between the local community and the generator, considering the implementation of funds for community projects, the distribution of information on the operational and environmental performance of the Nehuenco complex, As well as various topics of interest.

In this way, the integration of 20 organizations such as the neighborhood associations of the sector, the municipal delegations of Colubun and San Pedro, the table-making associations, sports clubs, huaso and hopscotch, and older adults in 2021 has been made official; artistic, social and entrepreneurial groups; Rural Drinking Water Societies (APRs); fire extinguisher; and groups of representatives of educational establishments, among others.

“I would like to thank the more than twenty social organizations of our San Pedro district, together with Colbuun, the Fundación Banamor and the municipality, in a cordial activity linked to the good news of the Colbuun Fund, that prepared to carry out the projects that that are reaching out to the neighbors. And the different social organizations here,” said Oscar Calderón, mayor of Quilota, who added that “the experience we have in this joint work shows that there is a virtuous cycle, where the neighbors have participated hard in the design of their proposals. (…), furthermore the coverage has been expanded to include not only neighborhood associations, but also social, regional and functional organizations.

For her part, Lorena Lastra, president of the San Pedro Neighborhood Council’s association, indicated that “we share the joy and enjoy that the Colbun Fund has been extended to other organizations. As an association we are happy We are sure that other groups are going to benefit. We know that everyone has goals to fulfill, so we hope that this new agreement will meet their needs and give them the opportunity to make their dreams come true. needs will be met.”

Meanwhile, members of the San Pedro-Colbun Social Board also highlighted the scope of the agreement. Vanina Vargas, representative of the Campo Lindo folklore group and local artistic groups, expressed that “the objective of this year is to distribute the resources to all the organizations of the city, ie those institutions that do not have legal personality and are not granted by the government.” We expanded the capacity to include functional institutions instead of regional institutions. The idea is to complete projects that benefit all groups in the community.”

At the Social Table, San Pedro Neighborhood Association representative Manuel Herrera said that “we are a group of 13 members, where we represent all the identities of the community with the aim of organizing the distribution of incoming resources., As a board we also want to project and be able to bring a little more unity to the community. Now we are a big group where we can understand each other and see the needs of other organizations. We have achieved good things and we still have work to do.”

“With this important milestone we are recognizing the value and relevance of the different perspectives present in San Pedro through the presence of our community organizations on the social platform and from there contributing to the development of the city and its people”, Finally, said the head of public affairs and communications in the northern region of Colombia, Gonzalo Palacios.

C.It should be noted that the San Pedro-Colbún Social Roundtable is currently promoting the 2022-2023 process of community funds, aimed at the implementation of projects in favor of community life and the management of the communities in the region. These initiatives will be implemented between the months of May to July this year.

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