Agustina Gandolfo and Lautaro Martinez present Theo with a new baby

L.Autaro Martinez and Agustina Gandolfo Yesterday they became second parents and welcomed Theo into the world. Let’s not forget that the couple already has a two-year-old Nina and a new brother.

Via Instagram, they both shared the first photo of their newborn and impressed their followers with an emotional message that began: “One of the most exciting days of our lives”, They wrote that they were very happy and excited about the arrival of their little one.

Agustina Gandolfo and Lautaro Martinez
Agustina Gandolfo and Lautaro Martinez with Theo

“We are happy to have you in our arms. Your sister is at home waiting for you to be filled with love. Now we are four, welcome Theo, we are yours.” I love”referring to how the family grew with Theo’s birth, accompanied by a few emojis of little people, ending the tender sentence.

What does the name Theo mean?

The name the influencer and soccer player chose for his second son may have had several derivations, including German, English, and Dutch. It may originally be a Greek or Germanic name, derived from the element “theos”. means god

Usually an abbreviation of the name Teodoro, Mateo or Theobald, it has several meanings, as it stands for the following depending on the designation chosen: “God’s Gift” or “Brave People”. therefore, Agustina Gandolfo and Lautaro MartineMr. z chose a very strong and meaningful name for his second child.


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