Ahsoka, filming officially begins

Filming of the “Ahsoka” series, set in the “Star Wars” universe and starring Rosario Dawsonhave officially begun.

Ahsokathe new series set in the Star Wars universe

The Haunted Mansion - Rosario Dawson casting
Ahsoka Tano, the character played by Rosario Dawson for “The Mandalorian”

Disney + has officially announced the start of resumed from “Ahsoka “the new series set in the Star Wars universe with stars Rosario Dawson. In fact, a tweet allowed fans to see a shot taken on the set of the episodes. The photo shows the chair of Dave Filoni, executive producer of the new live-action project.

Disney + on Twitter: Ahsoka, an Original series, starts production today. #DisneyPlus https: t

“Ansoka” will show as the protagonist Rosario Dawson in the role of Ashoka Tano, a character who made her live-action debut in the series “The Mandalorian” and then also appeared in “The Book of Boba Fett”. The character in the animated version had the voice of Ashley Eckstein on the occasion of “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels”.

In the cast of the episodes there will also be Natasha Liu Bordizzo in the role of Sabine Wren, while Hayden Christensen will once again be Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader.
Among the interpreters there will also be Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ray Stevenson, while some rumors claim that Mena Massoud and Lars Mikkelsen will have the part of Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

For now Disney + has not revealed when the episodes of “Ahsoka” are expected to be released on the streaming platform, but the debut will probably take place in 2023.

Rosario Dawson literally bewitched the public, as evidenced by the reactions on social media, which were inundated with enthusiastic comments for how the 41-year-old actress managed to play one of the most iconic and innovative characters in the universe created at the time by George Lucas: Ahsoka Tano.

Before you ask: No, Ahsoka Tano is not human. Tano, on the other hand, is a fearless and strength-sensitive Togruta, known for her strong morale (and fantastic dueling white lightsabers).

Although she has never appeared in live-action films, Ahsoka has become one of the key figures in the acclaimed Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars.

But it didn’t exactly win fans over right away. Starting out as Anakin Skywalker’s stubborn young apprentice, many critics and viewers have called her an annoying helper. However, over the seasons, Tano became a well-rounded and mature character, eventually becoming the star of the show.

Over time, he also became commander of the Republic army and fought such characters as General Grievous. Despite all these achievements, however, Tano eventually left the Jedi Order.

Although outside the Jedi hierarchy, Tano continued to lead the forces of the Republic, but was forced into hiding after the clone army attacked the Jedi in the final episodes of The Clone Wars.

This wasn’t the end of Tano, though. An earlier version of the character returned in the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, with the former Jedi now a key player in the resistance movement. Her role in this series has been quite limited, although viewers have seen Tano fight Darth Vader (a fight she briefly escaped alive).

Tano survived the Galactic Civil War and was last seen in Star Wars: Rebels in collaboration with Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren on a hunt to find the missing Jedi Ezra Bridger.

The story is long and intricate, but we will soon know what the fate of our heroine will be following her in her new adventures.

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