AI influencer attracts men despite not being real; An expert shares the dangers of celebrity dating apps

Virtual influencer Milla Sofia is grabbing men’s attention on social media by posing in tiny bikinis, flashy dresses and even golf attire. There’s only one catch: it’s not real.

A Finnish influencer openly reveals on her platforms that she is an AI bot, and on her website, Sophia is described as a “24-year-old virtual influencer and fashion model.”

However, this did not dampen the interest, with some social media users saying they wanted to meet her in person.


“A lot of people just don’t read the description, they just see a beautiful woman and just comment. And that’s social media for you,” celebrity matchmaker Alessandra Conti tells Fox News Digital.

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According to Conti, AI-generated users like Milla Sophia are becoming a trend not only on social media, but also in the dating world, especially in the last year.

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“I have been a professional matchmaker for over 10 years now and especially this year I have seen such a massive surge of clients – both men and women – who have come in and said they have been scammed so many times because these AI bots… it is difficult to distinguish whether it is artificial intelligence or a person. They look so authentic,” she explains.


“Catfishing” means that a person is intentionally deceived by another with a false profile.

“There are a few telltale signs that you can…just look out for,” Conti said of profiles that aren’t clearly labeled like Milla Sophia’s. She notes that money discussions are one of the signs.

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“But I think it’s really hard because a lot of the people that get caught tend to be over 35, so they’re kind of a target demo… These bots look and sound so, so real,” Conti added.

Sometimes bots can be (in a way) real, like Caryn Marjorie, who is a real-life influencer who, as Conti explains, monetized her name and likeness by creating an artificial intelligence version of herself called CarynAI. According to her website, CarynAI is “the first AI-turned-influencer.”

“CarynAI will never replace me,” Marjorie told Fortune magazine in May. “CarynAI is just an extension of me, an extension of my consciousness.”

Karyn Marjorie

A real life influencer started charging people to interact with her AI version. (Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Conti added: “Basically, she advertises herself like this: ‘I’ll be your girlfriend. But it costs $1 a minute.” So these people, these men pay a dollar a minute to chat with her, her image, her likeness. She even leaves them voice notes based on the questions they ask her.

“It’s creepy, it’s wild. But I think it’s a little different with this, because it’s consent. AI with consent is OK in my opinion… But I think the real problems come when it’s older men or women being scammed on these dating apps by these AI men and women who really look so real.”

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Raya is a popular dating app used by celebrities and other elites. (Raya)


Popular dating app Raya, often used by celebrities and athletes due to its strict privacy rules, has even been infested with artificial intelligence bots, Conti said.

“Catfishing is also common on Rai,” Conti said. “Even though this is a high profile, high profile dating app, it is still a dating app. And these AI bots are very smart and they do the best they can. in a dating app, if the other person is not involved in verifying that you are dating the other person, always be vigilant. Always, always, always. Trust, but verify.”

Conti explained that talking about money discussions is usually a good indicator that something is not right.

“A huge red flag if they are in any way asking for any money or cryptocurrency… or they are just bringing up an investment,” she warned. “It seems to be a common… conversation starter that many of these AI bots use. They talk about crypto and investing and these amazing opportunities, but they only do it after they hook these women. , and these men are also emotional.”

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